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Should I try to salvage the realtionship


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I would like some advice on whether or not I should try to salvage my relationship. Background: We are Juniors in high school and one day out of the blue I got the We need to talk about our relationship. I texted her to let her have an easier way out, she took it. I have so far gotten 2 reasons from her as to why she deiced to end it, I am asking for more which we agreed to give each other if one of us decided to end it out of the blue, the reasons are that she feels that she hasn't been a good girlfriend, which I find to be mostly wrong not entirely but not too bad, the second is that she feels that she needs more space to focus on school work, which I understand but is a fixable issue. So the question is should I try to salvage this relationship, I would like to but girls are just strange so I might be missing something or there are underlines to the reasons she has given me, and if I should try to salvage it how should I go about doing it?

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First, I wish I was still a junior in high school! The things I would have done differently...


Now, as for your predicament. I would let her go for now. She might just want some space. If you smother her, she will continue to push you away. Eventually she may come back, or she might not, but you can't convince someone to want to be with you. No begging! You are so very young, and there are plenty of girls ahead of you. Let her know you are "ok" with her decision (even if you aren't) and wish her well with school.

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If she ended it then there is nothing to salvage. If she ended it, she must be the one to unend it. In other words, let her go...give her space...and if she comes back to you then go from there.

I teach high school. There are a million other things to be focusing on rather than one girl who has broken up with you. You are still learning about who you are in high school and about what you want. Go on other dates, meet other girls. Don't waste time on the one who has already pushed you away.

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All relationships being voluntary, nobody's required to offer even 1 reason to end it, much less 3. If it's not working for them, it's just not working for them.


I'd stay civil when your paths cross in class or socially, and I'd leave her alone otherwise. Next week or next year she might realize that she made a mistake, but hopefully you'll be going out with someone better by then.


Head high.

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