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it is a 'loss' so you will need time to work on accepting and healing.

Loss is never easy. You will go thru MANY emotions for the next while and grieving is okay...

You'll feel heartache, confusion, anger, denial, reasoning.. etc.. and this will come in waves.


Try your best to take care of YOU now. Try to eat well, get your rest, exercise, keep busy.

Some find journaling can help.. get it down on paper, out of your mind.

if anxiety gets too bad, you can consider talking to your dr about some prof help... therapy?


I am sorry to hear about your break up.. I know how much it hurts....


one day at a time... tc

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You say you have "just separated", which implies very very recently, yet in another thread you talk about having boring sex with someone else and you want to have very kinky sex with her? Were you already involved with this other woman before your separation? Was that the reason for separation, you having an affair?

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You are right I shouldn't have posted the other. I'm still trying to deal with this. That why I told the person nothing serious and I told her I still love the ex. But truth is she is getting married and I know now she is gone. I was looking at pics today and came across one of us in the bed I was asleep and she had her belly up against my back she was pregnant with our son and he was hitting my back. It made me cry

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Sorry if I'm being rude, but why are you already seeing someone new if you are still hurt and just separated? You do know that rebounding is not the solution right? You have to focus on your healing and not get involved in any type of romantic relationship.

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