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Day 20 of no contact

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If any of you have seen my last posts I had quite a bumpy relationship with my ex girlfriend.. I'm currently on day 20 of no contact with her we broke up about 2 months ago. It's so hard.. Like the 1st of this month would have been our 3 year anniversary and ever since then I'm been thinking about her everyday I've even dreamt about her. I accidentally come across a picture on face that she'd tagged me in ages ago. And in the bottom corner it had her new profile picture. If be lying if I said it didn't knock me back even more. She honestly looked amazing! Just wanted to get something of my chest I've been thinking about. When we was together the end of last year I had money problems.. Like nothing major was just in my overdraft. And even knowing my money situation she consisted on being so high maintanence like wanting to go out all the time and stuff. She made me feel in compitition with her friend 'who was jealous of our relationship' as her friend kept booking things for them to do, going out partying every weekend and stuff.. And I couldn't do that at the time.. I asked her if we could just have one weekend where it's just me and her. She told me that she'd rather be with her mates cause at least they actually do something.. Like she didn't hold it down for me when I had nothing and didn't understand me. I'm realising slowly how much of a bad person she was towards me. She'd hit me.. Argue with me Infront of her friends always made every situation feel like it was my fault, knocked my confidence and potentially cheated I don't no. I wish I could have been the person she wanted me to be she honestly just doesn't seem to care and it Hurts. But I really wish her the best. I hope she's happy and I hope she finds someone that can treat her the way she wants to be treated

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I agree ^^. You know why it ended. Sadly, we're not always so compatible.. and yes, it hurts to have it end..


Keep telling yourself.. reminding yourself about the negatives involved. I've done that in order to keep myself AWAY from them and work on moving on.


I am also around day 20 and I do say it is best to NOT have any contact or that again will set you back. Keep moving forward.


In time.. things will improve. All takes time...tc

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