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Guy, who told me he's into me started chatting with some other girl


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Let's start from the very beginning (excuse my grammar, etc. not a native speaker!)

I started chatting with some guy about over 2 weeks ago. He was interested in getting to know me, so he asked questions about myself (and a lot as well!) We eventually exchanged skype usernames and started chatting daily. He soon told me he was into me and wanted to know what I look like. I told him that I do not like my own appareance and that he should not expect some super model. I sent him a picture and he said stuff like: you look younger than you are and that I look japanese. Kind of a weak response to be honest but whatever...


So we chatted every day for these 2 weeks and about 2 days ago he said he's going out and he will text me later.. he did not text me, alright not a big deal to be honest. So the next day I thought or more like I hoped he would text me eventually but he did not. The more time passed the more I thought he got tired of me.. in the evening I decided to text him myself (I don't really like always texting people first because I get the feeling of getting on their nerves..) and a hour later he finally replied.


First we chatted like always and then he suddenly told me about this really pretty girl he started texting with 2 days ago. This is when I finally understood why he did not text me.. he found someone better. But not only was she really pretty, she already confessed to him. He sent me the text how she has butterflies in her stomache and so on.


I feel really sad to be honest. I sent him my picture even though I'm insecure and do not like sending people pictures. And now he has some pretty and cute girl chatting with him and he's not into me anymore.... kind of weird to be honest.


Especially because he said stuff like he'll still like me despite how I might look etc. (before I sent him my picture) and now he has some girl he thinks is really good looking and he immediately forgot about my existence. I feel like a fool. I don't want to feel so miserable because of some guy I don't even really now.


I asked him if he still wants to text with me and he said yes, but I don't really know if it's really meant that way. And I don't want to be the only one texting first, because this way it will be obvious that I am the only one still interested in texting.


Should I still text him or wait if he texts me? Not really sure if it does really matter to him anymore.. I do not want to be the girl he was into until he got to know some pretty girl.


I do not even know if I make any sense.... just wanted to get it off my chest because I feel so weird.

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Hi Kathy, sorry for the situation you find yourself in. You obviously like this guy based on the conversations you have had via skype and the fact he made you feel somewhat special for a time. Have you seen the way he looks yet? I think its strange that he would start talking to you about some other girl, he clearly doesn't respect how you feel about him and you should move on from him asap.


There is no point wasting your time and energy on someone who clearly doesn't want to invest anytime in you. You sound like a sweet, caring kind of person and so would deserve to meet someone who's sole focus is you and only you. There is someone that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated so you shouldn't waste anymore time on this guy just because he initially made you feel special. It sounds like he was using you a little if I am going to be completely honest.


Give it sometime and you won't feel so weird and you will be wondering what you liked about him in the first place. you WILL meet someone else, even if you cannot see it right now.


Take Care

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No, I never asked him for a picture and to be honest I don't really want to know what he looks like anymore haha


I'll try to move on asap, but I never was the kind of person who can just shrug off these feelings so I do not really know how well this will work.. but thank you for your reply you too take care!

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I was recently heartbroken and used and I too cannot just shrug feelings off but as I write this it is 3 weeks or so later and I can honestly say time is the real healer. Coming to these forums and letting your story be known and advised upon really does help as well. It also puts your problems into perspective compared to others on here and also makes you want to share what you have learnt and help others.


Take Care

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I'm sorry to hear that.. But it's true, going on forums to tell your story really is good. I'm glad I found this website.. I'm not the most experienced person but I hope I'll be able to give someone else advise some time in the future too..

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