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Was it really because he "didn't care"?


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Long story short, I have had an incredibly rocky relationship with a friend for about a year and a half now. However, we are in the same group of friends. We got close a couple of months into being friends, a lot of people would tout it as gay and I started to be convinced myself, he initiated everything, and then I came out to him and he said it was all a joke.


A few weeks later he asked me to be his messenger for a girl that he started liking, and then whenever it didn't work, he went around and told dozens of people that I ruined everything between them two and that I don't vouch for him, etc.

And in general, I would get annoyed with him because he would do questionable things and I would always feel like he's BSing.


The last time I told him I needed distance, he acted insanely awkward around me for 2 months. Then I tried texting him, he ignored me. I texted him numerous times, no response. He tried to get me out of the group, and then eventually people started seeing my side and the tables turned.


People would legitimately cuss him out for how he's treating me, and criticize him, and he would still avoid me, ignore me, and act awkward around me. Our friends even banned him from my house and it didn't make him do anything.

Then a couple of days ago two of my friends told him that he's going to lose all his friends if he doesn't talk to me.


Now, we've been texting before meeting up to talk, but he literally told me that "I'm planning on going up to everyone individually and explaining that I didn't avoid this because I running away, but because I didn't care." Is that even possible? Avoiding me for 8 months and acting awkward around me instead of talking to me, and having your friends cuss you out constantly and ban you from my house, and yet you do nothing... is that really because there's no care?

tl;dr: friend and I have been very, very on and off. We haven't been friends for 8 months, because he's been avoiding me. He finally realized he's losing his friends so he started talking to me. Clarified he didn't avoid me because he was running away, but because he didn't care. Is this possible?

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