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Set Back :(

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This past weekend was my best friends wedding and my ex is her brother (we were together for 5 years) and we were both part of the wedding since I was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsmen and so we had to spend a whole weekend together and I guess a part of me felt that he would own of to the mistakes me made and apologize (he left me for another girl and started dating her the day after) but none of that happened and it just really made me sad. I know its normal to feel this way after seeing an ex that we only broke up about a month ago but he was just being so loving with me like dancing with me and touching my face and it just hurts since it feels like all the work I did in terms of healing is all thrown out the window and I'm feeling so lost again and heart broken

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Why are you dancing with him and allowing him to caress your face? You don't need to do that and you're feeling the results of it now. And exes seldom admit the wrong they did, so don't expect it.


Go back to NC and work on healing yourself. This will pass.



I know stupid mistake I had a few too many drinks and since we were together for a long time it felt like habit and also felt some pity since he is her brother and he was sitting there alone which is silly I know but I guess the alcohol took control there for a bit. I'm going back to NC 100% again and really just focusing on healing myself. Thank you for your response I appreciate it

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don't pity him. u were there alone too. he's a cheater. remember that. what a douche. he's not worth another ounce of your thought. be gone! move on.


Thank you!! Yes he really isn't worth it i'm just being silly since seeing him brought back good memories and we were at a wedding so it was all about love and all that but you're right he's not worth my time anymore

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I also have another concern: I had given my ex $2300 to pay for his rent twice. He has currently only given me 1000 of this from him in the past but he has not paid me anything since the break up. Do I have a right to contact him in order to get my money back? It's a tricky situation because I really don't want to speak to him but it is a large amount of money or should I just let it go and let it be?

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Contact him about money only, no other chit chat.

Since he's paid partial he's acknowledged it was a loan and quite frankly I wouldn't have any problem filing a small claim against him if he doesn't pay.

Have all your records in order.


That is exactly what I was planning on doing just a simple "Hi when you get the chance I would like to speak to you in regards to the rest of the money that you owe me. This doesnt have to be an in person conversation, over message is more than acceptable. Thank you" I don't want to give him a reason to think i'm contacting him to talk to him again but it's an issue I feel should be resolved

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Sounds fine to me. Hopefully he won't be a complete douchebag and won't force any further action.

Sucks but it's a loose end that should be dealt with, we're not talking about 20 bucks...


Yes exactly. Even if it was $500 I wouldn't ask for it back but it's a large amount. I sent him a text so i'm hoping he'll reply

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