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Hey all,


So last Saturday I matched up with this pretty amazing girl on Bumble. We talked most of the day and realized we both have quite a bit in common. I didn't expect much out of Bumble so it did kinda caught me off guard. So anyways, after texting most of the day Saturday I asked her out that evening. She said yes but was busy for the next 2 weeks but didn't give a reason. My reaction was oh a rejection no big deal, why would she be on a dating site if she doesn't have the time to date. We all know meeting up for coffee or even dinner doesn't take up all of that much time. So chatting goes quiet into Saturday night so I leave it at that.

Sunday comes along and I decide to check in with her, basically same story she's busy for the next 2 weeks but again no explanation. Even that day she was apparently cleaning out her basement all day. So I let it go - move on to the next one.


Tuesday comes along and she adds me on Snapchat. I never really used Snapchat but hey.


Wednesday she sends me a Snap chat - it's a picture of her out of town. Somewhat giving me an explanation as to why we couldn't go out. Later on she sent me another snapchat pic of her in the tub, just her legs so no nudity. We started texting again but just basic conversation, nothing too interesting.


Thuesday night we started texting some more but just getting back basic one or two word answers. I stopped texting and went to bed.


Am I missing something? Is she or isn't she interested? Am I wasting my time? Not sure how to pursue further?


Oh yes, I know I'm probably clueless.

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Let me start off with the fact that until you two actually meet everything is up for debate. Also since you aren't truly integrated into her life she owes you no explanation, a lot of people build expectations on electronic communications which could all be fantasy.


That said, since she is sharing "provocative" in the bath type photos on snapchat she is obviously interest in some degree of interaction. When she told you that she would not be free for 2 weeks, did she hint that maybe after that time had past you two could meet up? If so stop thinking until that time, and enjoy the conversation; it may come to nothing but you may learn something for down the road.


Big take away, she has her own life and pre-existing plans, and you do too; so both of you should make plans a few days out not spur of the moment decisions.


Best of luck.

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