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Hi - Sure, I've heard of lots of LDRs working out. Some dated during high school, then one person moved away, but then they wound up at the same college. My godfather met my godmother while he was on vacation, they became penpals, and then he asked him to marry her 2 years later, and they've been together for 40 years.


Of all the LDRs I've seen work, they all had 2 things in common: 1) lots of communication and 2) The distance was a temporary thing. Moving was an option.


Good luck and happy new year!

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heya confuzedboy89


I'm in a LDR at the moment, she's in California and i'm in Cape Town, South Africa....we're over 10200 miles apart, but we've been together for 6 months, and it's been the best 6 months of my life. When we rake up enough cash, she will probably be moving down here, so thats something I can't wait for.


By the way, we are engaged...unofficially (I haven't given her the ring yet...but that'll happen) but I did ask her and she said yes


So LDR's can work...as annie24 said, they take lots of communication and a willingness to move around a bit to accommodate each other.


They take real work...but its very very possible, and often you can find a soulmate easier online than in person...purely because in person the first impression is generally a sexual/physical one and not an emotional one...with a LDR/Online relationship...often it's the other way around, even if only for a short time


Good luck!!

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I've been in an LDR for two and a half years now. We started out only 3 hours away from each other, and now we'd have to take a plane accross the ocean just to see one another. Our LDR will hopefully become a non-LDR relationship in September. It has taken a lot of work, communication, and actually a lot of just letting things go... you know, not getting upset if someone doesn't reply fast enough to an e-mail/instant message. Also, there is a ton of trust involved as well.


Lucky for me, my boyfriend traveled here during his vacation from school. He's here right now and we're still going strong. It takes work. But if our relationship ended right now I still think it would have all been worth it - the memories are precious.

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Mine is a great success story, but then again, we were only apart for 3 months.


For a long-distance relationship to work out, there must be:


- A goal of being together in the future; a plan of some sort.


- Absolute trust.


- A solid foundation BEFORE the long-distance relationship begins. In other words, if you fought all the time, never saw eye-to-eye on anything, didn't respect/ trust each other before you separated, it becomes much harder to maintain these things when you are apart.


If you're speaking in terms of cyber relationships and whether or not they are successful, I can't say. It really depends on the circumstances. I've known of several to end VERY well, but also several that have ended pretty badly. Most that have ended well (that I know of) consist of both people being able to see each other several times before there is an actual decision to be together permanently.


I think that cyber relationships in which both people can't see each other, except maybe once or twice, set people up for major disappointment. You can only truly know someone when you've spent enough time with them to let your guard down (and vice versa). There are no guarantees that you will grow to love this person when you know who they really are. Who I am when it's just my boyfriend and I hanging out is quite different than what most people see of me. Reaching a state of intimacy is almost impossible if you can't spend enough time together physically.

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