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love is pain

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I need alot of advice. Esspecially from males. Ok last summer I met this guy at my friends house, Hos name is Steven. He did so much stuff to me since then It would take me 5 hours just to type it all. So let me just say, he cheated on me, lied, backstabbed , the whole bit. 4 months ago he moved to Stroudsburg, and out of no where he started to call me. We got closer and closer, and I fell in love with him, he called me everyday, and he didnt lie. Then a month ago he moved back up here, and hes best friends with a kid named Joey. He is the devil, Im not playing, he cheats on girls, and the bad part is hes not good at it, He steals off him friends and family, he raped me, he uses girls, he was in juvi a few times, hes kicked outta school, and the worse part is I know he is using Steven, but Steven says oh hes my homie, hes not using me, blah dee blah blah. Everytime he is around Joey he is so different to me, but when hes not around him, he tells me how much he loves me, and askes me out 20 times aday.


So I went back out with him, and I saw him for the first time in along time a week ago. He leaned in to kiss me and we did for a second and my mind flashed back to all the bad to did to me. It felt bad kissin him. Its hard to explain but I was in shock. My stomach hurt and my head was spinning. What does that mean? Hes in Stroudsburg now and I didnt see him in like 5 days. Im hearin alota stuff, and im not likin it.


Its so pathetic cuz in the past 5 days I wrote 3 letters to him breakin up with him, and I burned all of them. I dont have the guts to break up with him, and lose him in my life again. Even after all the pain, I still love him, but I just cant forgive and forget again. I did to many times. What do I do? I dont want to resort to breakin up with him....I just cant...so now what?

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darling what the heck are you doing with this guy? he's nothing but trouble and he has a friend that RAPED you? what the heck is wrong with this picture?


tell Steven you're through, like you should have a LONG time ago! no girl should go back to someone who cheats, lies and is a complete jerk. plus, would you really date someone who is best friends with someone who raped you?


really take a look at your life and what you are doing. i can tell you're young, but you're not stupid. break it off and get back with a normal crowd!

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Honestly how much more can you take. If he's different around you when his friend is there he doesn't respect you. I don't mean to be harsh but is your self esteem that low? Yes, you love him but sometimes we as women need to let it go. You said yourself that u can't forget or forgive him for what he did it hurts too much so you need to move on thats the only alternative.


It was once said if you love it let it kill you... but do you love him enough to keep hurting? Honey you need to love yourself and realize you don't deserve such treatment and obviously he don't deserve you. Let him know that you're not there for his convenience and you're definetly not a doormat. Leave him alone because its hurting you too much to stay!!!

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Hey there,

It sounds to me like your boyfriend does not care that much for you. How can he be friends with someone who raped you? and then defend his friendship by saying that his homie has not hurt HIM... what about you?


You should have someone who cares for you and wants to defend you when someone hurts you. In this case it sounds like your boyfriend cares more about himself than about you.


Have the strenght to let him go and find someone who will not treat you this way. You are special... remember that.


Love yourself

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I'm surprised that you aren't aware how bad of a situation this is for you, being a young girl. BOTH of these guys seem like very bad news to me, the kinds of people who will suck the life out of you and bring you down. Why bother with crap like that? What are you really getting out of it, besides eventually in trouble?


Realize your standards are pretty low if you're going to let someone treat you this horribly, and ask yourself why that is. Most women in your position would have hit the road a lot time ago. Love hurts, but it should hurt you all the time and make you miserable. Otherwise none of us would look for it.

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