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Getting Back With An Ex

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I dated this guy mark last year, and was really sceptical about dating him in the first place. He ended up asking to come see me but I wouldn't tell him where I lived, he had an idea (we live in a really small town) so it's not that hard to know where abouts people live. Ne wayz he dragged his buddies door to door down 3 houses looking for me in the rain and mine was the last house. He ended up asking me out on my drive way, and I said yes. We dated for about a month and while we were dating I was hearing that this girl Jen was out for him, and that he was gunna leave me for her.. he reassured me that he wasn't but he did.

I told him to go, but told him he won't make her happy, (she's really *Profanity Removed by Moderator). I told her she'll cheat on him and break his heart, but on he went. Within the first week she cheated on him twice with a guy and a girl, and broke up with him after he won the championship in rugyb, and this was right after too.. on the field, while i was standing there.

He developed feelings for me again but never said anything. Now I've developed feelings for him, and he told me he has feelings for me. So I told him that I like him, and we haven't talked about it, we flirt but we haven't actually talked about it. I want to date him again but I'm having trust and commitment issues with him, but I'm positive we can work them out.

How can I bring it up with him again without getting hurt?

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Tell him exactly how you feel. Honesty is the best policy here. You have feelings and you know he does too, but that he is going to have to work very hard to get you back, and your trust will have to be earned and it will take some time.


He knows he hurt you, and it's kind of sweet that he got his just desert, isn't it?


I say make him really work for you!

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