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Nicest way to find out a girls name...

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Hey all! this is mainly targetted to all of the girls / females out there... What is in your opinion the nicest way for a guy to find out your name? I always feel a bit weird just saying 'Hi, whats your name...'. Or is it better to find out from someone else and then surprise her with it? New phrases appreciated!

Thanx all


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Or is it better to find out from someone else and then surprise her with it?


I would prefer the guy asking me but if you must find it from someone else, continue the conversation by telling her how. I personally would find it freaky if someone just know my name and doesn't have a good reason to .. but that's just me

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Well first of all, you should start a conversation with her, and then you could say something along the lines of "I don't think we have ever been properly introduced....My name is _____, what's yours?" or even "By the way, what's your name again?" Asking her casually is always best, whereas finding out from someone else may freak her out a little as Kaia pointed out.

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Although im not as formal asn tinkerbell, i think shes got it on the money.


I always ask for peoples names straight up. Guys or girls. To be honest i think it makes em feel good when i ask them for thier name. The way in which you say things is more important then the words. Be chill and genuine - thats the money. If a girl (or dude) senses weirdness or sees a sexual eye they quickly turn themselves off.

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