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gf having to fight off other guys...

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I am not a good writer and it is pretty hard to translate it all in english. so bare with me.


Okay, I haven't made a thread in a long time, but if anyone remembers, then it is the same girl as before. But now she is my gf of 6 months, but I haven't seen here for over 4 months. Here is my dilema.


One of here friends a couple of days before christmas asked if she could be his gf. She obviously said no, because she already has me, but she ahsn't eevn told anyone besides here parents that she evn has a bf, I called her on christmas eve and I knew something was up, she was really emotional etc. so I finally got here to tell me that this one guy friend of heres actually wanted to step there relationship up. He has been her friend since elementry school and they have lived in the same town for practically there whole life, except she has been in Beijing for the past 3 years, met me etc. and now went home, and all her "old friends" are interested in here now cause they are all much older now, and she is an obvious first choice. You may wonder why she hasn't told her other friends. It is because, she says if my parents don't agree that we can be togther then she won't tell anyone, till they agree. She said if I went to see here come chinese new year then she would tell all of her guy and girl friends. That was a couple of months ago, now my parents said I could go visit her. But I want to make sure that I am not hurting her or anyone else. She says that she doesn't want anyone else and of course won't cheat me. But also is a little emotional after some long time good friend, has asked her. And others are kind of going in the direction of trying there luck. To make a long story short, there is still like 45 days till I see here next, and her friends don't realise that they are hurting her! And she is really shy, so wont say. I guess, advice is apppreciated but I more just typed this out for my own clarification of thought.

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quite a perdicament your in there, well the best I can figure out is just ride out the days you have left, cross your fingers and hope she remains loyal. A sort of unwanted test it would seem. But if she passes hey, you can straiten eveything out when you get there. Then things should be easier from there on in. The best of luck to you and your GF.

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