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My boyfriend has been really withdrawn lately. We have been having LOTs of problems and he is distant. Recently, he got a tattoo, started wearing earrings and i saw a message in his phone from a girl calling him boo and baby. think he is cheating but he says no. He says she calls eveyrone that. What should i do? I called the girl and she said no but he is angry with me for calling. I am i just being paranoid?

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ask him to ask her to stop calling him that cause it makes you uncomfortable. he should undersatnd that cause ur his girl. he should put you first. if he says ok and it still happens, there may be a prob. if you ask and he says your being silly or brushes it off or just doesnt seem to care what u think, there may also be a prob. ideally, he should be like, oh i didnt know it bothered you, it will stop.....

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Let your boyfriend know that, as much as you love him... You feel really uncomfortable about how distant he has become and how things aren't how they used to be.


Let him know that you trust him, but you worry about your relationship and see where that takes you... If things dont get better, you'll have some decisions to make..


I'm sorry to hear this, I hope things get better.


best wishes - ST

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thanks for all your advice. I am just confused right now. I told him that it is over and he says that he wants to be with me. my friend says that it is not that he wants me but maybe he just can't let go. His friends and his mother think that i am just an over jealous girlfriend but its not that i am over jealous, i dont mind if he talks to other women. I am just uncomfortable when they call him baby and when they act rude to me if i answer his phone (which happened earlier this year and started the whole mistrust thing). Plus the way he has been behaving lately is very stange. He claims he loves me and wants to be wih me but will it kill him to show it. Why do some men insist on having their cake and eating it too?

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