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Am I expecting too much?

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Ok one of my closest friends and I have become even closer this past months because we've been going through some relationship issues (basically with arrogant guys who have caused us grief) and we've really bonded and i think become best friends - or so we both say.


So I ask her what she's doing for new years - we're 22 and have grown out of the family get togethers.. and she said she had no plans, but did not say, lets do something, as I would habve thought was the natural response. So I texted her and asked her if she wanted to do something, and asked if she'd come to a party with me..


She said she hadn't made anby plans, but wants to make them at the last minute..


a) she's still waiting on this guy to organise something, it's his last chance to redeem himself - fair enough,i don't mind if she does something with him..but even so, if he DOES by some miracle do this, then will she just hang out with his friends, why can't i come too???


Anyway that aside, she says otherwise she usually hangs out with these other friends of hers (they're two-faced and gossip about her behind her back..but she is ignorant to that and sucks up to them).. and she adds at the end, I can come too if I want..but it's so casual, it's like an afterthought. If she doesn't have any plans, why not come with me? We're supposed to be best friends?!


Am I making too big a deal outta this? I've been really upset about the whole guy situation reently and I really need to go out and have some fun..but I cant do that alone on NYs, and so it's really disappointing.


Thanks for the advice,


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well, you already made it sound as if you have solid plans...you invited her to a party, so why should she turn around and invite you to anything that might come up on her end?


You may be her best friend, but you aren't her ONLY friend...


the term "best friend" doesn't mean you come before everyone else...it means you two are able to share more and relate better together than anyone else she knows.


Just because you don't like the other people she hangs out with on occasion doesn't mean she should ditch them for you, nor should she invite you to go out with them, because she obviously knows you don't like them...why have you come somewhere with people you don't like?


So, yeah, IMO, you are making a bigger deal out of this than you have to be...it isn't like you don't have something fun to do...and you had fun going out before the two of you were best friends...so you can have fun going out without her now.

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