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Hey, i have a problem. im 14, never dated and in high school. that being said lets get to the problem.

it has recently come to light that the girl i like, likes me in return. she hasnt told me or anything but its really obvious. even i can figure it out. i dont know how to ask her out or what to ask her to do. i also dont know how to get her away from her friends or other people that may cause a situation ie taunting. i just dont want to drive her off. im also really really really really really shy . i also have trouble articulating my feelings to people especially girls (thats probably why i dont have a girlfriend lol).


thanks in advance for the advice!


oh yeah p.s. please dont give me advice like "just ask her out" or "be straightforward" THIS DOESNT HELP ME!

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Maybe you could try writing her a Note and giving it to her at school. You could always call her at her house sometimes its easier to talk to people over the phone. Plus then you could have some stuff written down on the paper that you for sure want to say. You could always go up to her when she is with her friends and ask if you could speak to her alone. Thats the only way you are going to be able to talk to her alone if she is always with her friends. Good luck man and remember be yourself

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