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My ex broke up with me about 3 weeks ago, and i seriously cant think of a time i havnt missed her... We both have this online journal called MySpace. And i posted one of those bulletins that say:


"If you're really missing someone right now, and you can't stop thinking about them, and you want to be with them more than they know, re-post this bulletin"


I left that on, and the next day my ex put the same thing on. Im guessing that she is talking about me. I didnt call her for like a week after we broke up, then i called her a few times last week. I called her today, and i just asked her about her day, and we were just talking like we used to. Then i brought up that i wanted to drag race my friends new truck, and she suddenly got really upset (she got mad once when i brought it up, just messing around). She was saying that people that race are stupid and crap, and she was totally going off on me.


I wasnt even really serious about it, and she was heka mad. She said she was going to bed, so i said goodnight, and she hung up... I texted her saying that i probably would never really do it, and that she shouldnt be mad. she texted me back saying "i am not mad because i am not your girlfriend. I do not care what you do. i just think that it is stupid, now goodnight"


I dont know why she brought in the part about her being my girlfriend because you can be upset with your friends about that too. I dunno i just really wish i was back with her. could someone please tell me what is up with her, is she mad because were broken up? or is she just...mad for whatever...

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She is 'mad' ... If you tell any girl that you are gonna do a 1/4 mile at 100 miles per hour to crush the other guy's ego and feel the adrenaline rush ..they are all going to tell you it's stupid or at least most of them ..there are some 'hardcore' women out there

Women tend to see more of the risky aspect of things than guys , if she was your gf she would try to convince u by beeing nice and straight forward , a friend will tell u it's stupid don't do it , but it's the ones that have emotions for you that get mad ...

it's really not a big deal ... don't worry too much about it ..

if you race and she ask you tell her that you had an astronaut equipement and if anyting happens you wouldn't get a scratch.


ps : if u really want to do , be sure to do in the most safest situations ..it will be a shame if you end up in a wheelchair not feeling any part of ur body from the neck to your toes..

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Yea i very well know the dangers of it, and i know how to bring these kinds of things together. My dad and both my uncles drag raced (started on streets, then went to pro drag strips when they started getting serious). I heard numerous stories of people becoming paralyzed in big crashes, and even killed. My uncle, who i am very close to, cracked his spine, and almost was killed. Luckily he is ok today, but i would make sure that if i was to ever try it, that it would be in a 100% controlled environment, and i would probably even have my dad come.


I told my ex this, yet she still was upset. I dont know what to do, i still really like her, and i would do anything to get back with her, but i cant control that, which really sucks. If she still has feelings for me, then why doesnt she take me back? its so weird, and i cant help thinking that something else is keeping her away from me.

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