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aight you've all prolly heard stories like this for forever, but please listen to one more...... i went out with this girl for about a year or so liek 3 years ago, and broke up with her, after a week of doing it i felt stupid n wanted her bac but ended up jus pushin her farther and farther away the more i tried. this went on till she jus didnt talk to me for about a year, then i lied n told her that i was over her completely so we became friends, well since then till now i have kept my feelings for her bottled up inside me but nowadays she is a lil flirty with me, but we are good friends. so i dunno if i should jus go ahead n tell her and risk our friendship, or jus keep it like this? but th fact is i always hold back on other girls cause of that faint hope that i could be with her........can u not tell i need help?!?!!?

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Well i haven't had much of my own experiences but if you do have strong feelings for her then you should tell. I've tried keeling stuff to myself and it drives me mad. If you don't like her a lot then just keep the stuff to yourself...i forgot if you really like her or just a little...sry...just listen to what i have to say and make your judgements on what other people say.

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