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So grateful, feeling great again!


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It's exactly 3 months today that my husband asked for divorce. I was absolutely devastated and even days ago, I really struggled, but made huge strides from one day to the next. I spent so much time trying to figure out my situation. I can actually say that I laugh now, and am really enjoying life. I am very grateful he asked for divorce because I would have never been at this point in my life where I am free to pursue whatever I want now. I wanted to share something I read that is great for divorce/breakups. It's Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Women Make After Divorce.


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It applies to men/woman and the title does not do justice to this article, it's about how to let go of resentment, feeling like a failure, so you can heal. I printed it out and read it every single night.


What I liked most was that we have a choice, and you can choose to feel free at last, feel excited about the possibility of a whole new life, and feel lovable just the way you are. Most importantly, "blaming someone or something will hold you in THE MISERY OF A BROKEN MARRIAGE FOREVER."


Thank you everyone for all the love and tough love that I needed to get back on track! Everyone was telling me here what I needed to do but I wasn't hearing it, because I didn't want to hear the truth. As much as the truth hurts, it's the only way to move on. I am certain there will still be ups/downs, but I feel like I have made huge progress and wanted to share what has helped me get there.


Hugs, Rose

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