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Ive been friends with this girl for like a month and we talk everyday at school and even at her house since im friends with her brother.

She has a boyfriend but always says she isnt gonna be with him forever and that shes happy with him but then shes not and the thing is he puts alot of stress on her by bugging her not to stare or talk or be friends to any guys(even her cousin), and joking around way too much almost like a little kid and she says sometimes she doesnt think the stress is worth dealing with to be with him. He knows i drive her home and stuff but he kinda trusts me because im her brothers friend.


I really like her alot because shes nice and caring and is easy to talk to and get along with. I drive her home everyday after school and sometimes i have to take her boyfrined too which i feel dumb to do but i do it for her, she offers me money for gas but im not like that.


We dont hug yet because i dont offer to because i dont wanna force her and she usually just slides her hand on my arm down to my hand and kinda holds on but we let go then say bye and when we talk my eyes are just looking deep into hers so i dont know if she has a clue that i like her more than a friend.

She always says never be afraid to ask her for money or a favor but of course i tell her ill never have her do anything for me. Whenever i dont eat she makes me by buying chips or something and if i refuse she smiles and says dont make me hurt you and when i offer to pay her back she wont take it and sometimes i try just putting the money in her chips or something but she runs back at me and puts it in my pocket.


I asked her if she likes oldies music and she said she loves oldies so i burned a cd with good ones and asked her if she wanted to listen to it and she said "sure if i want to", so i didnt because i didnt wanna risk making her feel uncomfortable.

2 days later we get in my car when school was out and I ask her again if she wants to listen to some oldies and she says she has a oldies cd in her notebook and if i wanted to hear it so i put it in and she told me not to lie to her if i dont like it so i said alright ill be honest, she put it in then some songs played and i told her they were really good and then she put on her favorite song and said her boyfriend thinks shes weird cause she likes it but when i heard it i told her i liked it alot and she said "really? thats so cool that we both like oldies".


We got to her house and she said i could borrow the cd and make a copy of it for myself so i told her she could borrow mine too and listen to it to see if she likes it. She wasnt at school today so didnt get to find out if she did like it so im waiting for tomorrow and I was gonna tell her the name of her favorite song is the best out of the whole cd but im not sure if thats a bad move . Her boyfriend is also gonna be locked up for awhile because he goes to court soon for stealing stuff from someones home, he got bailed out so thats why hes still around.

Sorry for making this long but I think about her alot and dont know if i should even risk telling her i like her or anything. Ive asked her to go to magic mountain with me sometime and she said ok.

Also I told her to call me whenever and she says ok but i end up calling her whenever i wanna talk and shes usually on the other line with her boyfriend and she calls me back but doesnt leave a message so i cant tell if its her calling since im avoiding other calls. Theres so much more to tell but Im not gonna make you guys read more so thanx for your time and id really appreciate ur oppinions.


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Her current boyfriend dosn't seem like the type of person someone should be around. I think that you should just keep on being her friend and tell her that if she ever wants to talk about something she can come to you. If you treat her with respect it will not go unnoticed. But don't try to "steal" her from her current boyfriend. It sounds like you treat her better than he does so she will probably "dump" him and hook up with you. What does her bro think about her current boyfriend? If it was my sister I would much rather have someone like you dating her than an criminal. Good luck.

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Her brother is cool with her boyfriend because hes known him since junior high but also doesnt really even care if they are or are not together. Also 2 days ago she got new pictures done at the mall of her and her boyfriend and asked me if I wanted one and i said no and she said why and I said na its alright then she looked kinda confused on why I didnt want one, so I was pretty confused on why she would think I would want a picture of her with her boyfriend.

Am I being too cool to him to where she thinks Im buds with him and support thier relationship?

I never even talk to him anymore, I just say wassup and then hear them talk the whole time while walking to my car or something. She seems to not mind being intamite (did i spell that right?) with him in front of me either whitch makes me feel uncomfortable and I just am confused about that too

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