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Hi Guys,


I saw my ex about six weeks ago and things were going ok. When I got back from the visit we had an argument and didn't talk for two weeks. When I finally called him (I was mad) he said we were broken up and that he was seeing someone new for the past two weeks. That's how I found out we were broken up. We basically argued for a few days, me trying to convince him to come back to me, he told me that he loved me and wished he could be with me but that she was there (in the same town) and she wanted him to love her, he really liked her, her kids loved him, etc. He told me not to call him anymore b/c it pissed her off and that he'd call me if he wanted to talk.


He hasn't called me for four weeks now. I emailed him once and I know he read it but he didn't respond. I called him once but he didn't pick up and I didn't leave him a message. I know this girl really likes him and wants to marry him and have his child (supposedly she told him this w/in the first two weeks of them being together) and he's practically moved in with her and her kids. I kinda am thinking maybe they were seeing each other b/f I even went out to visit him six weeks ago??


Previous to this, we've been together for three and a half years, had broken up a few times, but the longest we didn't talk was for a month and he's never actually shacked up with someone else. I still love him and want to be with him but I'm pissed as hell and grossed out he'd choose someone like that to be with. Do you guys think he'll ever call me? I'm trying to do NC. I get really sad when I think about him never wanting to be with me again even though I should really be mad.


Thanks for reading.

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