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Re: I gave him head (i forgot to add something important!)

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HI again, i am posting this again becuase i forgot to add something that would change your responses drastically.


Ok.....i have been very patient with this guy i am really intereted in. It has been since september that we have been talking, but he is very slooow at things. But i am unsure where i stand....He has taken me out like once a month, not really talking to me in between that much in the beginning...but he has been doing very well for the past month, has talked to me more, seen me more...he basically has opened up slowly but surely.

He has only had one other girlfriend a while ago, so he may be inexperienced. but last weekend we hung out on friday (Nov. 26), and things got hot and steamy...i ended up giving him head....he is the second person i have ever given head too.


****But what i forgot to add is that HE WAS the one who initiated it. He wanted me too. I was apprehensive becuase i didn't know what i should do. But he sat there and said that i should let loose (i am sort of shy) and just do it. i enjoyed it though once i started....


But i think i may have made a mistake because i do not know where i stand, becuase we haven't talked about it yet, i don't want to scare him off, so i am going to go at his pace and give him time to open up to me. But the thing is I haven't heard from him since that night....He walked me to the door, gave me a kiss, then walked away...then walked back and kissed my cheek and said he'll text me tomorrow (saturday Nov, 27) when he gets up. well he never did, and i haven't heard from him since I saw him online yesterday for the first time this week, and he didn't IM me. I don't know what to think.....But he does this though...he disapears so to say. then he will show up again, and IM me to hang out....we don't do sexual stuff each time though, so i am not a booty call, i know he is interested, but can you tell me what you think of this situation. Please don't say "maybe you didn't give good head" haha becuase i do know how to, I gave oral to my ex plenty of times, and i am very good

So if you could give me your take of what you might think is going on here, that would be great. (sorry for posting this again, but it will change the responces and i need to know what is really going on...



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