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Conflicting emotions


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Last night and this morning have been really rough for me

I'm so confused

I love her so much still, I understand the importance of letting go and giving her what she needs. I've always been a selfish person but I'm giving everything I can to not hold her anymore

But on top of all of these feelings, I just keep thinking of why things didnt work and why, if we ever got back together it wouldn't be the same.

I think of the moments in the relationship when I wasn't happy and thought of breaking up but was afraid to talk to her about my feelings to find a solution

I think that if we ever got back together those issues will arise again


But it still doesn't make it any easier to let go of the girl I love.


Love hurts

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I feel like things would be so much easier if I just knew what she was going through and knew what her feelings were. I would WANT to know if she had met someone, I would WANT to know how she's doing and if she's feelin alright

I would WANT to be able for us to just check in and out of a friendship ask how the other is coping

That would make things go so much smoother for me I feel like

Is that weird to feel that?

I feel like being left completely in the dark is so much worse than having something that you can SEE hurting you. If that makes sense

Right now idont KNOW what's going on with her and that could be ANYTHING, but the simple fact of me not knowing makes it so much worse than if someone told me she was dating someone else or happy being single. Cause then I'd atleast have a know actuall like real legitimate logical reason to be upset

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