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Well to start things off, i've been going out with my girlfriend for a month now as of today. The first 2 weeks we just did like small talk to get to know each other then the last couple weeks we've talked about each others pasts and talked about deeper stuff like that. Well she told me about this guy named Matt. She told me that for the past 2 years she's really had a big crush on Matt. Apparently no matter how hard she tried to get him to go out with her he never would, however, he still would do things with her and she felt used by him. Well they are like really good friends now and I'm always jealous and i just wanted to know if you all thought if I was over reacting or not. Her away message one time said something like "i'll be back in 20 minutes, *matt*joel*rusty I love you guys" (btw im joel). Then the next day after school when everyone was getin on the buses i was standing there talking with her. Matt walks by and she yells his name and runs over and hugs him, just leaving me standing there. Im jealous i guess b/c I'M the one going out with her and i feel like I'm just "second best" like...i'm her back up since she can't get Matt.....so yeah... do you guys think i'm over reacting?

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mmmmmmmmmmm yes and no


you aren't in a serious relationship with her, you haven't been really going out that long - and just because she liked Matt, he obviously doesn't feel the same way about her so it isn't like you have much to worry about.


but, more than likely you are "second choice"....and the ball is in your court as to if you want to have to continually be compared to him...


my personal opinion...she needs to get over her crush before getting into anything serious...I suggest you just date her casually...possibly still see other girls as well...and one of two things will happen...she will get over her crush and be ready for something more...or you will have found someone else who can put 100% into being with you.

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you definatly have a right to be jealous...she doesnt seem to respect your feelings or relationship. Like someone else said tell her about how you feel if she keeps it up drop the line shes not worth it......you can do better....i promise....


anything else my e mail is on my profile

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