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well i havent written on here in awhile but some stuff has happened so here i am. basically what has started it all is one of my firends has just gone to the hositpal a few days ago and they found out she has brain cancer and wont live that long. so this also got me thinking about my friend that was murder, he was leaving a house party and some guys outside it him in the head with a brick then ran over him twice with there car. the throw him in a ditch, but he wasnt dead he clawed all the way home and die right outside is his house the next morning. so all this has gotten me derpessed again. i mean i know my name is never back down but right now i dont care. i mean all my friends and friends parents are dieing so who cares. also thinking about my friend why would someone do that to another. they didnt know each other and they just killed him. i am so depressed i dont know what to do. the other thing that is going to be hard is going to see my friend in the hositpal know that he wont leave knowing he is going to die there. basically i feel empty there is nothing left, i have no drive to get up or do anything, there is just nothing. i wish i could explain it better but i cant well any help would be great because right now everything is must meanless and empty.

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Hey man that is just awful about your friends. I also have had friends pass away, and it is a tough thing to deal with. One of my really good friends past away just this summer, and left me feeling empty and wondering why a life could be taken after such a short time being alive. But, what you have to realize is death is a natural part of life, and everyone has seemingly in one way or another been affected by a death. But what we must do is accept it, and understand that these people will never be forgotten.


Its the important that we remind ourselves of how fortunate we are to be alive, and live long and happy lives because if not for our own benefit, then do it because others did not receive this chance. It is natural to grieve and be upset at the loss of a close companion, and it takes time to get over it. But, we cannot believe life is meaningless, because just being alive is a blessing and having the chance to experience is worth every second.


You are not alone in feeling this way, and live on for your sake and because you have the chance to. Spend time with your friend and although it may be short, cherish every moment. Just be buds and hang out and laugh and talk about anything, because I'm sure he needs support and friendship more than ever right now. It may be hard to do, but I know he will appreciate it.


Live for the moment and for a lifetime, and never forget.

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Im really sorry for the lose of ur friend and that ur other friend is really ill, i dont understand why people kill, its desgraceful, people like that need to be locked never to be let out again. as for going to see ur friend in hospital just try and make the most of the time u have left, make sure that if ur friend needs to talk to u that u are there which im sure u are anyway, i really hope everything works out for you, take care.

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i am sincerely sorry about your friends, but never give up hope because God has his hand over you and he's building you up to be a stronger man, never back down, get right back up on your feet and keep going!! if you need to talk feel free to Pm me and ill be as supportive as i can to help you get through this, ill pray for healing and strength...god bless

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