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what's teh problem?


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Hello, i'm new to this forum so hope spare me for any errors!


The problem is, my sex life. i've been with my girlfriend for 2 years now and for teh first year-18months the sex was booming having sex almost everyday sometimes twice a day, she has a banging body and is gorgeous, we do pleasure each other sexually through till climix everytime, but now it's 1-2 a week, to me anyway it's starting to seem a littel boring or 'routine'. i talk with my mates (im 19) who have girlfriends and they're bang at it all the same, so they say anyway, always trying new things, their girlfriend are spontanious with their sexual encounters, dress-ups, risky sex, naughty texts and pictures while they're at work, and many others i'm sure you know what i mean, like i have tried it on with her in the car before even when i've been driving and she refused until we get home (driving safe on an empty motorway at night) i have also pulled her into descrete places when we've been out before and tried it and still nothing. she has only dressed up for me once and even then we we're both drunk. when we are having sex she is my no.1 proiroty i go crazy and do anything or everything to make her go wild, but truth is, i'm getting bored, almost to the point where i have started to look elsewhere for sex, which is the last thing i want because i love her to bits but i can't keep going on like this. Is my sex drive too high or are we not sexually compatable? i've tried talking to her about it and it's almost as if it goes over her head like shes avoiding the situation but she says with great beliefe that she's still happy and it's just me wanting it constantly?



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Are you ready to lose your girlfriend for a girl who plays dress up and will do you in public?


Those things get old fast, and they aren't exactly what the intimacy of a relationship is about. If that's what you need, then by all means break up and "hopefully" find someone that willing. But always remember that the grass isn't always greener.

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Don't forget, often in the beginning stages of a Relationship, it's the 'Honeymoon phase'. It's ALL great for a while.. NO problems. Maybe now, things are 'slowing down' a bit for you two. Getting more into a 'routine'?

So now, life is becoming more-less how it's going to be. So, get used to it not being 2 x's EVERY day anymore.

IF you do love her, you will accept this. ( least it's not 2 x's a month).


I understand and it's normal to lean towards something like porn pics/movies etc. BUT to consider going beyond, is then becoming a problem. Then yes, I'd say you DO have a High sex drive and need to look into 'learning how to handle it'!

OR- YOU will someday end up with some deep regrets.


So, think about it. Can you learn to accept what you've got now (dont forget you can tend to yourself, on your own other times--shower etc?).. or do you think there's going to be a problem??

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Also, it could be a compatibility issue. You are not a bad guy, just because you have a higher sex drive and don't want to stay with your current partner because of their lack of sex drive.



Sex means different things to different people. It represents intimacy and love to me. If my partner can't keep up, I would probably find somebody else who matches my drive.

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first of all - its not JUST about the girlfriends, YOU should be adventurous with her too ok? she is not the one to think how to please you all the time.

second - guys always talk like that, so I wont put much trust in that. no matter how big of a friends you are. my ex was once convinced by two of his friends that they had sex with me. so what? I know they didn't, but he believed them because they were his buddies.

third - sex life can change with time, you simply cant stay the same for your whole life. people change, emotions change, dreams, wishes, priorities. think about it.

If you had nice sex life before it only means that back then you were on the same page with sex. It can be different now. Can be that she had something stressful in her life, you are not the center of her universe, other things bother her too, you know. And stress is bad for libido. So instead of blaming her of being boring in bed because your guy friends are all "banging", talk with her and ask her about her life. Maybe she is just not into you nowadays.


I love my man, but I want him everyday for one week in month maybe. Other times - we just look how it goes, sex should be spontaneous and fun. When its a duty everyday it sucks. You can masturbate everyday if you want. But for good sex you need another person to be wanting it too. If I was "banged" every day, several times for two years... I think I would walk like a cowboy now.

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You might not be sexually compatible. I pulled away from my ex, the sex was just boring, and her personality didnt help. I thought it was my fault too until we broke up.


All i want is 1 or 2 times a week, im not trying to hit that everyday. I got star-trek and videogame time, chill with all that.

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