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Going to give another girl a shot need some advice.


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Please help:

To short some up of my last few months. July met a really nice girl dated but things fell apart. I went to school and so did she and we were only dating a little before. So I don't think we were close enough for it to last.


I asked out another girl whom I work with. She thought the whole thing was just us being friends. I've made it as clear as possible saying things like I'm going to a movie wanna come. She is always busy. Well I still think she likes me cause she has invited me to do things with her alone all on days that I'm busy. Unfortunatley Well I started thinking that this won't work right now and decided to move on.


Well about a month ago the place I work hired a new cashier. She is a year younger than me and I just met her a few weeks ago. I am pretty good "work" friends with her best friend. And my friend is also friends with them both. Well latley I started talking to her best friend a lot when she is around and make small talk with her to get to know her better.


The problem with where I work it is a pain to talk to somebody alone for a long period of time. When I have been talking to her or her friends she makes eye contact a good bit. Her eyes are amazing BTW I mean its the first time I've ever noticed a girls eyes like this. Kind of freaking me out but you get my point.


My friend knows I liker her. He has offered to say something to her for me? Is this a good idea I usually just ask girls out myself but havnt had any luck since I've been about 16. Its getting a little depressing being alone. BTW this guy is a player meaning he dates lots of girls until he finds ones thats right for him. Should I have him help me? Ask her friend?(who I'm also pretty sure likes me or at least she flirts a lot)


If I should ask her out girls any ideas on how to do it? I was thinking of something like just saying, "Would it be possible for me to take you out for dinner?" Any other sugestions? My problem is I can flirt I just can't close the deal.

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