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I am currently dating a guy, we have been dating for a few weeks. So far everything is going well, he is a nice guy who I am have really come to like.


The only real issue is that he is here is the city I live going to school but he is from another Country. His program ends in a couple of months. As of right now, he is not sure if he will apply for a job here in the city we live or if he will go back to his home country.


I really like him, but I think I should keep dating other people because I have no idea what his plans are and I have been told by others to keep my "options" open, because of the unpredictability of the situation currently.


Things are going at a good pace for us and I don't want to jump the gun by asking him his plans. He is currently back home for a week and I feel when he gets back it might be worth asking before I get too attached. Please give me some good advice on how to proceed. Thanks!

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I would sit down and talk to him openly and see what suits you both while he's in limbo.


Even if you date exclusively - if you know he's leaving, you can make sure not to invest too much into a relationship, but just enjoy his company while he is here. Just don't keep yourself wondering until the last minute - you can't adjust your expectations if you don't know where you stand.


I know I always had issues dating more than one guy - but if I knew he wasn't a keeper, I'd make a point of still hanging out with friends and keeping those dates with single gal pals for clubs and such - I'd make sure my my life wasn't revolving around him.

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I would ask him, sure, but...if he changes his mind and decides to go back to his country in the end, it's not like you can hold it against him. Does he have anyone there, in your city/country? Any family, anyone to rely on if he doesn't find a job (and with the way things are these days, jobs aren't that easy to find) or if it takes him a long time to find one?

My point is that even if he has the best intentions in the world, the situation is just too unpredictable.

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