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first dates...very confused


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after breaking up with my boyfriend of 2.5 years I have gone on my first date. Conversation, etc. went well, but I did not really feel a connection between us, although I like himv very much. I am scared that I will not be able to accept anyone else because I am so used to being so comfortable with someone, and having that connection. Should I end this short relationship b/c i don't feel this already? Or should I give it a chance - and just think it is my ex in the back of my mind that is holding me down? I know I am not ready for a relationship yet, but I still want to try these things out.

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First dates are just that, first dates! You can't expect to feel a "connection" from a first date. You need time to get to know one another first before there's any potentialness for a "connection".


Do not expect him to want to be your b/f after a first date. There should be no pressure for a commitment after the first date. Try to be more open minded about this and let go of the pressure for a connection.


If you like him, have a second date. See how things go. Relax. A first date can almost be like an interview because I'm sure you ask each other a lot of questions. You should try doing some fun things such as activities rather than the old boring dinner routine. Good Luck!

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