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Things you usually don't think about...


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I was thinking about this (provoked by situation #1 as you will read below) and there are some things I noticed girls do, especially when they are around their friends. The problem is, I don't know if these "situations" really mean much.


#1 - The girl u like and one of her friends are walking down the hall. You happen to see them coming as you go towards them. Now you just want to say something so she kinda knows your there. Usually I'll say "hey" or to be a little more subtle, ask her a short question about a class. So after you two have that little exchange and u walk off (to get to ur class or w/e), u can hear her and her friend do the giggling like girls do. Does that really mean anything, and would it matter at all if she thought u liked her or not?


#2 - A small group of girls are talking in the hallway (think no more than four girls and they are standing). They see a guy coming otwards them that one of the girls like. Will the girls re-align themselves so that one girl gets to make eye contact with the guy?


#3 - Word leaks out that a guy likes a particular girl (or it is highly assumed). If the girl likes him, will she start spreading the word more than if she didn't? Or is it just a girl thing and it doesn't mean anything? In a situation similar to this, my friend heard the girl I like say my name to her best friend so he shouts my name to me, and I am just down the hall. I turn around and see all of them (he asked what class I had next and he was standing behind them). He told me he did that because the girl said my name. The next day though, I believe her and her friends must mave spread the word b/c some kids I know came up to me and mentioned that they heard I like her.


#4 - When girls cross their legs, does it really point to their "interest" or is that total BS?


#5 - If a girl likes you, do her friends do anything special towards you, like talk to you a little more or are real nice when u talk to them? Do her friends do anything at all?


What do you think? And if you baffled by some common situations regarding this and can pose them similar to these, then by all means go ahead.

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Hmm, well #1 sounds like it could be possibly that they're laughing because one of them likes you, but do keep in mind girls are extremely giggily.


#2. I've never noticed it...


#3. I've heard this has happened. But again, I've not noticed it.


#4. I personally think this is total BS. I know a girl in my history class who sits in front of me with her legs crossed pointed toward me. She's the very very popular girl, and she hardly ever talks to me, or really any of the guys in our class.


#5. Yes. Yes, they will. I knew a 7th grader who had a major crush on me. I had no interest in her, but her friends would continually IM me asking me if I liked her, and just trying to get to know me. They stopped when I told the girl I had absolutely no feelings toward her.

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Well, here's what I think....

#1- It is possible that one of them likes you, but it is also very possible that they are laughing at something else that has nothing to do with you too...

#2- Well, I don't know...It depends I guess...Me and my friends have done that a couple of times, but not always though...

#3-Well, it could be that she likes you, but well, I know that me and my friends do like "spreading tha word"

#4-Hum...It'd say that is total BS...I had never even heard of that!

#5- I'd say that, yes, if a girl likes you, chances are her friends will act diferently towards you....they might be nicer, talk to you more....

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1. YES YES YES...that means something. Ha, me and my friends would stand in front of our lockers every morning last year, and eveyr day this guy my friend liked would walk by and say something to her, and we'd all giggle when he was walking off and saying "i hope he didn't hear that!"


2. YES...again we did that as well...very common


3. Not necessarily


4. Not necessarily...although I've found that we tend to unconsciously lean toward, or face them.


5. YES. Watch her friends even when they aren't with her. They will act differently, like maybe giving you a second glance in the hallway, or being a bit more friendly if you talk

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Thanks for the advice!!


EDIT: I took out something here. It was a reply to another post lol


I have another one thatr I hope u can help me on:

#6 - If she likes you, will she IM you a lot of the time she's on? I'm a guy, but I don't IM a girl I like as much because I feel I talk to them better in person and u don't know what can happen when ur online.


Again, if u have any situations similar to these, fveel free to post 'em.

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