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ok, my ex who I was with for 5 + years, split up over 7 months ago. I feel I am totally over him now. I may not be which is why I have wrote this as I need some advise.....


I have met several nice men over the past few months and on the night I spend time with them I really enjoy there company and think I should meet up with them. I give them my number.


The big problem is the next day when I wake up I change my mind and don't reply to there text/phone calls (I know not fair but I don't know what else to do in order to not string them on) there was one guy who I did reply to but he was someone I have known on and off for a few years - things didn't work out he had a GF that I didn't know about!!!


I think it may be because:


A) I am scared of what to expect, my ex was a close friend before we started dating and we were very young when we got together so I haven't really experienced dates with people I don't know, he was also my first real boyfriend although there was other guys through school




B) I am not over my ex which is why I don't want to date these people yet.


I don't think I am a shy person ( in fact I am very bubbly have lots of friends and never struggle to talk. I do lots of networking at work too) I have loads of male friends who I find I can talk to easily so don't think this is the problem either. I do however worry if I go on these dates that people wont like me or it will be uncomfortable. is this shyness or Is there something wrong with me?

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glad you like it a friend of mine said it to me when I first split with my ex and how true!!!


No I don't feel guilty about being with other people, that's what I mean when I say I think im over him, I don't talk/think or even want to be with him anymore and I am genuinely happier without him. I am happy we split up I am having a really good time just cant put my finger on the problem!!!


I keep thinking when I meet the right person I will change but some of these guys are really great sometimes I regret not answering but not till a few weeks later and at the end of the day I know if I don't enjoy the dates it will just end up meaning I have made more friends.


I even said to one guy I don't want to go on a date with him as it was too soon after the ex but he said he would take me out for a drink just as a friend and expect no more sounded good but nope just couldn't do it!!!


I think im strange

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