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hardhead vs. softheart


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ive been thinkin bout this for awhile....


it seems me that the person that i am interested in has a hardhead- she tells herself not to like me, not to get attached nad not to fall for me..


where as me on the other hand - i have a soft heart, i love carin about people and makin them happy as possible....and becuz i do care for her and i like her, i want to be wit her...and i kno i will get hurt if i keep carin, infact i am hurt rite now, but it doenst bother me...its worth it if i get her in the end...my strategy is to show her than i ginuinly care for her and its not a act im puttin up..shell see that and realize wat shes missin, but i dont kno how much longer i can do this...



but in general - in the battle between the heart and mind...who has a better chance of winning -


post ur expierences and opinions!!

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Wow....that is my situation exactly. It's hard and I'm always scared It's going to be for nothing if she never lets those barriers down. Its a new experience for me, cause I know she likes me back, but she refuses to let herself get attached. Im learning, albeit very slowly, how to deal with this, and have found talking to her about it helps a lot.


My advice would be talk to her....explain to her how you feel, and dont leave anything out, explain exactly how you feel...there's no point trying to hide anything.


Good luck....I hope it all goes good

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Talk to her man!


Find out why she is trying not to fall for you. Maybe she has a reason, MAYBE she's playing hard to get, and it's all a show for you, to make you head over heals for her!


Just ask her straight up what's goin on. I'm sure that's a better idea than sitting around, and speculating and pondering what's up with her


Good luck bro!

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