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I like this popular girl, but does she feel the same way?


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There's this younger girl in one of my classes that I really like. I just can't take my mind off her. She could be the prettiest girl I've ever seen at my school. I feel like asking her out, but there are a few problems with that idea:


- She's a year younger: The problem with this is that I don't see her very often because we have different classes. Because of this, its hard to see what she's into, or who she hangs out with


- I can't tell if she likes me: My friend says that she's got the hots for me, but he's just joking. But, I'm getting lots of hints. Today, in class, she gave me a glare. I turn back, then look again, and she's still glaring. Another time I saw her point at me and say to her friend, "that's the guy". I don't think that she was saying something bad about me because I've only had two conversations with her.


So, what should I do?

I have two options- 1.) Go for it and ask her out


2.) Be patient and see what comes ahead

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Yea, maybe getting to kno one of her friends and developing something through that? Always works for me.Or on the other hand you could just ask her for her number, and take her out and then get to know her, and if nothing happens you can't say you havn't tried!

If you want anything bad enough-then anything is possible mate! Good luck and I hope that everything works out for you!

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listen ask her out. you're a year older then her and girls that age love to go out with older guys. i know cuz my best friend is a girl and when she was in 9th grade she went out with this guy just cuz he was older and stuff.


also don't wait too long. if you do some other guy is going to ask her out. thats what happeneded with me and i regret that so much. 2 years ago i was going to ask a girl out, but i waited too long and she went out with some other guy and she lost her virginity to him. i feel terrible and i don't want this to happen to you.


good luck

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Dude, she pointed at you and said that's the guy. Unless you robbed her, and she's telling a cop, i think that's a good sign


So what if she's younger, tons of guys go with younger girls, they are more mature, so a girl a year yonger is about right


GOod luck

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