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Having a Crush will get you Crushed!!!

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Ok I am so scared to admit that i have a crush on this guy at my job. I just met him like 3 weeks ago, and we talk, have good conversations, he asks me all kinds of questions and we flirt alot! He is very very cute, nice, sweet, all of that, but I am so scared to admit (to myself) that I have a crush on him because I dont want to get hurt anymore by guys but at the same time I kind of do like him and want to know how to approach him and possibly get to know him a little more! I want to see what happens, and I also want to approach him and talk to him without sounding desperate. I want to know what kind of signs to look out for so i can see if he likes me so i can know to talk to him or not!! please please help me out thanx!!!!

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Some of this depends on the kind of person you are... If you're a go-getter, then I say you ask him out for something casual - informal resaurant or something. Keep it light. Do you have a group of co-workers that likes to go out somewhere? Invite him along. Keep it light.


If you're not that kind of girl, that's okay, just keep doing what you're doing. If he's interested, he will most likely ask you to go somewhere.


It's hard to keep everything in check when you've got a crush on the person you're trying not to show it to!


As far as being hurt again... All I can say there is that you will never get hurt if you don't ry, but then you will also miss out on some of the most incredible times of your life.

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I say you spend more time just hanging out with him and his friends or he hangs out with you and ur friends. At this point it shouldnt seem out of the ordinary to do something that friendly. As you spend more time getting to know eachother you have to see how he responds to you if he responds favorably then the situation will begin to progress until somebody says something. Be patient and be sure that he really likes you instead of him just being friendly with you

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