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If it's your first casual date don't bring her a gift, there's no need, save it for later on.


Your quesiton makes me laugh, why are you so worried about whether or not she will let you hug her or not, in fact, why are you just aiming to get a hug. If the date goes well, why are you not trying to kiss her at least? Stop worrying about whether or not something will offend her and cause her not to like you, go out and have fun.



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Yes, if you've already got to know the person through emails etc. and you decide you like each other and you are finally meeting them then I would say a hug is appropriate.


If its a first date with someone you hardly know and the whole purpose of the date is to get to know the person then I think a hug when you first meet is probably not appropriate. I would say a handshake would be good and depending on who you are a kiss on the hand may be good also.

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