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This is my story, and why i'm here.


When i was a freshmen, i met who i thought was the greatest girl in the world. We flirted, etc., but it didnt go much past that...which is probably a good thing, because she had a boyfriend. Anyways, we hit it off great, became best friends. I loved her, and still do, and she tells me the same. She broke up with her boyfriend two years ago. A couple of months later, I hooked up with her, but it never really went anywhere. We stayed friends. That was the most painful thing i'd ever done, holding myself back from her because it would eventually just hurt her more if it didn't work out. I place her own well-being above my own. She has a new boyfriend of 1 year, and that should work. Yay


Thats the first half


I'm finally starting to get over the pain from the first ordeal, and 2 months ago, i meet another girl. She's like...girl number 1, 2.0. Great personality, good looking, intelligent. Oh, and a boyfriend of 1 year. We're good friends now. What's bad about this is i'm starting to feel very close to her, and i really don't want to. She sends mixed signals. It's the first girl all over again, and i don't want that pain again. What should have been once in a lifetime is happening again. I see her a few times a week, we work together. Do any of you see where i'm going with this? I don't want to let her go, too. Please help.

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If you wait a few years you might be able to be her next boyfriend... *hmm*


^_^ Don't worry, not all the girls are taken out there. Your bad luck is unlikely to persist pass the 5th or the 6th girl. My friend asked 37 girls out in Freshman year and got rejected 37 times... we all laughed at him because he asked so many out. He ended up with a wonderful girlfriend and they've been together for 2.5 years. Yup, you guessed, number 38.

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If she has a boyfriend you need to respect that and wait. Should they happen to break up then by all means take the chance, just make sure she is completely over this guy and that your not catching her on the rebound so to speak. It's got to be frustrating to fall for the girls who are taken. Know that there are plenty of good girls out there who don't have boyfriends. Maybe you'll meet one of them.

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