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Should you trust your gut feeling about someone you like?

Double J

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I'm curious... Let's say you guys are interested in someone, and for whatever reason, you have this gut feeling about the person - either that they're not interested and just playing coy, that they are interested but they don't want to come out in the open, or even that you sense the person is not right for you.


Have your instincts been right or wrong? Please share your experiences.

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Your gut feeling is usually right, but you cant do anything unless the other person responds how you want them to. Another thing is, sometimes people mistaken how other people act and take it the wrong way. So, you may think that this person does like you but is covering it up but actually, they are just being nice and dont want to let you down. Or you could be right. But you're kinda stuck unless they truly express their feelings.


My problem is that I percieve things the wrong way, good and bad.

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Nope, it's just a general question buddy. I just like reading up on others' experiences. I'm not interested in anyone right now - you are obviously overanalyzing things. You don't know who I am, so speculating might be a good way to invest in your time, but only I truly know why I posted this.. and it's to see whether or not people confide in their gut feeling when dealing with a potential partner.

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The American culture IS a culture by itself, although it's not often recognized as one.

Double J is not generic. Everyone is different and that is why we all have different opinions on different matters. American teenagers nowadays actually have very strong political opinions and ethinic views. If you ask any America on the street they will tell you "I'm half german half korean" or "I'm half Irish half French." Everyone of us know where our heritage came from, but that isn't to say we don't all share the American culture.


Double J's attempts to help teenagers in the suicide forum isn't something you should poke fun at. You should respect his effort in trying to help others instead of insult him for being more altruistic than you are.


He is definitely not uncreative. If he is uncreative, then you are full of love. If he is pathetic, then you are a very special hateful person.

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Double J


Have you read the posts about picking up vibes from someone? It's related to your question.Here's the link.


link removed


Here are 3 points for Stahlhelm:


1. If you think his question is stupid, why do you continue to read and respond to comments on this thread?


2. You may need to seek therapy for your obsession with rape and STD's. Especially at your young age. Because this type of obsession can manifest itself in your behavior.


3. You've developed very passionate and negative views about life and culture for someone SO young. Gain some meaningful life experiences before turing into some kind of zealot.

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Thanks for your kind words, guys. To be honest with you, I didn't pay attention to him from the start - obviously just someone trying to start a debate or argument in the most inappropriate place to do so. People who aren't interested in helping others should just keep away from the site.

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"something" part french part korean is distinctively lacking. I assume you have problems with people with two heritages? Last time I checked that's filed under racism and prejudice.


Please don't wake up to be a proud German. I'm sure they are ashamed of you and don't want you to be their stereotype.



Being part one culture part another culture is not in any way lacking. People like that often learn about both cultures and both languages. They find a way to tie the two cultures that they belong to together, but they still respect both cultures equally. They're not lacking anything. They only gained through being blessed with multiple cultures.

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Always trust you gut instincts and follow your heart. Most of the time you will probably be right. And even if you aren't it's better to confront what ever is on your mind. If you think someone is interested then you should go for it and see what happens. If you don't you'll never know for sure.

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