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bad guy VS. nice guy (15-16 yr old girls answer this...)


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i kinda want to know from girls aged 15-16 years old...any other comments will also be appreciated

ok here it is....theres this girl in my most of my classes...we talk sometimes in person but mainly on MSN...i like her and usually i am payin attention to her/sits infront on me...


now in class this guy that sits beside her is sometimes bugging her....poking her and stealing her pen...and most of the time im her im a nice guy and dont do anything except sometimes talk...


I just wanted to know if she likes when ppl bother her...poke her, steal her stuff, making fun of her, etc....or if she would like it when a nice guy is around just talking...


It doesnt matter....you can comment...girls (put ur opinion) and any other suggestions would be great BTW I CANT GET MY MIND OFF HER...

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I know I'm not a 15-16 year old girl but what this other guy is doing is just am immature form of flirting, I used to do it... in elementary school.


I doubt she likes it, if anything she likes the attention but its not the best form of attention. I'd bet dollars to donuts that shed like the nice guy better good luck! Let us know what happens.

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hi i personaly think that she would want a nice guy because nice guys are the best people to be with .they make you feel good about yourself and they are really good to talk to. mean ppl are anoying. i hate guys that anoy me in any way . and mostly they do that for her atenion and they flirt in that way otherwise they are just fu@*ed up people. dont change who you are because she might like you to. i hope i helped you out

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Hey! I'm a 14 and a 1/2 year old girl so maybe I can help u. I don't like it when guys poke me and steal my stuff and make fun of me. I prefer a guy who I can talk to and all. Goofing around is fun and all: ex. poking, but making fun of me and taking my pencils won't get u anywhere with me. Keep playing the nice guy, maybe even stick up for her(don't go rambo but maybe let her see you ask him to leave her alone it could win u points)also be nice to her friends that scores points too!!If u need more advice im me.

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YA, some big guy that looks like lurch was doing that to my gf, I usually never get mad, but I was about to explode when that happened, N e ways, I got a little offensive about it, and kinda claimed my territory, so hes layed off, but she pretty much told me that it was the most annoying thing in the world. So wut you got to do, is start talkin more, look interested and when this guy is doin that, gove him the eye and the "im going to kill you look" and just dont let her see it.

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I agree with Psipro. I use to flirt that way when I was about 7. "Ewww...boy's have cooties!!!" or "Get away! I don't like you!"


But when you are 15... that's really immature. So, I'm sure she likes the nice guy. [you] Or at least I would, because the annoying, immature guy would just aggravate me.


Just thought I would share my opinion.



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lol. okay you wanna hear something funny. now i seem to be an exception. but im 16...in elementry, the bothering meant either true love or true hate so i really sometimes got annoyed and sometimes i liked it. as i got to middle school i found it absolutely ridiculous...i mean we all like fun sometimes but i guess that age i was just not too impressed. now in high school, i like when guys do that. i mean if im attracted to him or even if we're just friends, i like when a guy bothers me, not TOO MUCH, but a little. because in high school it means the guy is your friend or is cool with you and is just having fun which in high school i need. i need to just laugh and get my mind off chemistry. ofcourse the nice guy approach works, but im just trying to say that she may like both personas. i think any guy who is actually going to be my bf will probably not bother me much or VERY LITTLE, but its not like i dont like when a guy bothers me. i dont take it as a bad thing anymore. so just be yourself, just dont assume that she doesnt like that kind of behavior or vice versa. but ill tell you this, being just the nice guy is not enough, you need to be somewhat flirtatious so that she has an inkling of your feelings. dont be immature and stupid and steal her pencil when shes trying to do a major assignment lol, but be a little flirtatious, get her attention now and then. it ofcourse depends on the girl, but ive gone through the fazes and at 15/16, the bothering thing isnt SO BAD.

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I'd like the guy who I had more fun with. Which might be the guy who flirts with me, pokes me, steals my stuff and all that, or the guy who I can have long chats with.


Does he do it in an annoying way, or a flirting way? My bestie liked this guy who done all those things (poking her, 'stealing' her stuff, teasing her, all in a fun way), and now they've been going out for ever, and he always has to come over and kiss her during lunch and class and omg its so annoying, but anyway. You never really know.

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THX everyone for ur replies...one thing everyone has mentioned is flirting...i never got the whole flirting thing...i dont get it get....can someone explain it to me....give me examples of mature flirting as you say pokin...etc. is immature flirting...



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most girls that age do like bad guys, simply because most people that age aren't really mature enough to understand what makes an ideal long term partner for them.


bad guys are appealing to most girls that age because they give off a presense of confidence and indifference. and they seem to do whatever they want, so they appear dominant too.


now nice guys at that age follow the rules and appear submissive to that, which is not really a sign of manliness.


i am generalizing however. there are still plenty of girls that age that know a jerk when they see one and are repelled by them.

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I hate to have to tell you this mate but its a well known fact that nice guys finish last! i know im the exact same as you! until 1 yr ago i had 3 good female mates but had been singles for far too long! but i finally found a girl that was different from the rest, she didnt need to be picked on to fancy the guy and now we've been going out a yr! The secret is flirting i never really mastered it, im far too clumsy.When with a girl i liked i'd mummble my words(which never helps) from what i've been told by friends and my gf best way of flirting is skin to skin contact, no matter how little! give it a go

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I know a guy who does the same thing. One minute he's making fun of me, the next he's nice to me. As a matter of fact, I used to have a crush on him. All the childish teasing is okay sometimes, but not continually on and off. It just gets sonfussing, and to be honest irritating. He still makes fun of me, but instead of counteracting his comments by saying something nice to him. I just ignore him and talk to my friends.



The truth is and a little hint: The switch between teasing and being nice gets old fast, and the confusion may cause her to give up on your immatureness if there was interst.


Be yourself. If you like her, show her you like her. Stealing her stuff is just annoying.

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