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Better than a diet or a rigourous exercise regime is a smaller change of lifestyle, that way you'll eventually be able to keep you weight down your whole life effortlessly, because you'll be used to it. Also it's better for you than diets which often cut out important food groups and only work in the short term and rigourous exercise which is hard going, demoralising when you don't see instant effects (which you won't) and risks strain.

I would suggest that if you eat between meals then stop, eat a balanced diet of 3 meals a day and remember breakfast is the most important, especially when you will be exercising. Choose the right kinds of food, normally low in fat, the sorts of foods that jump out as being healthy like mediterranean and stir-fried, but don't deny yourself treats like a cake or something fatty once a week or so. You'll feel hungry at times but learn to accept it as a sign you are doing well. Also get your parents to stop buying snacks, biscuits and the like, the best way to avoid temptation is for it not to be there to begin with.

As for exercise, do it in steps. Start walking when making short journeys. Take up a sport such as badminton or hockey, you'll enjoy the social side of it enough to keep it up. Also I would recommend at least twice a week, doing something more vigourous like going for a run or a swim.

The weight loss will be slow, but effective, and won't just pile back on when you stop, because you won't stop. Also remember you are young and will probably lose a little bit of the wieght through growing up. Your body will also respond much faster to a change like this at your age.


good luck



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Try not to eat deserts and never drink soda. Eat lots of vegitables and fruit, and make sure you get all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need to stay healthy. Excersize a lot. An easy way to excersize routinely is running every day. I know a guy my age who was extremely heavy last year, and had about 3 chins, but he joined our school crosscountry team over the summer(they start practicing before the school year starts), and this year he's very fit. Once you've lost weight, don't just stop excersizing and eat a lot of unhealthy foods again. Keep on living a healthy lifestyle. good luck!

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hi gpslittledevil,


Don't hate yourself because you are slightly overweight. Lots of people are.


The following link will help you work out your BMI and what a healthy BMI is for a female of your age.

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To loose some weight you must use up more energy than you consume. So thereforeeee I would try and cut out snacks in between meals. I know of a lot of people that claim they don't eat a lot but still gain weight, but in reality although their main meal sizes are small, they snack in between.


I don't think that you have to cut out soda, just switch to the low calorie type. Maybe swhich chocolate for some fruit.


Next you have to find a sport that you like. There is a lot that you can do, either by yourself or with other girlfriends, such as cycling, swimming, even dancing classes. Anything that breaks you into a sweat and leaves you slightly breathless will suffice.


Once you start to get going and you start to see results your motivation will increase. Maybe it is also worth telling your parents that you intend to loose a little weight - then might offer you some encouragement along the way!


good luck

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I was overweight too about a year ago, I weighed 200lbs. I lost 60lbs. in 6 months. The way i did it. i walked 2 miles in the morning and 2 miles in the evening. Most important give up all carbonated and caffine beverages. Drinks lots of water and eliminate foods containing flour because flour turns into sugar when it's absorbed. But I think the big trick is lots of water and excercise. Good luck to you!

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Step 1: First of all, i want you to do something...before you do anything else...i want you to go and look at yourself in a mirror and tell yourself eye to eye that you are very special!


Step 2: Next, i want you to smile becuz you truly are special. There is nobody in this world like you, and there is nobody who can give to this world what you can! (And i mean that)


Step 3: Never ever ever ever hate yourself! If u dont like the way you look, thats a different story but dont hate yourself.


Step 4: Remember that to accomplish anything in life, you need a positive attitude...and one not just for 2-3 days, but to last you for your entire journey. If u hate yourself, you will hate excercising, you will hate compliments, you will hate all the good things about you. And thats not the goal.


Step 5 Get serious about losing weight. Let this not be something you want to do only when you feel depressed. Let it be something you're ready to give your best shot. Mentally prepare yourself before doing anything physically.


Step 6: We people often want to make big changes in our life and we start by taking big steps and we plan to see big results! And when we dont see these results, we get very discouraged and we stop doing what we were doing and we're back to where we started! You have to start small if u want to see something big! Our mentality is to do big to see big....but the truth is often the opposite of what the media brings to us......start out small to see big!


Step 7: Make small changes but stick to those changes no matter what. Of course it will be hard....nobody said change is easy....but change is a choice. You may start by drinking one glass of water every morning for a week. The next week, increase it to one in the morning and one in the night. Make changes gradually so that its not tough on your body and you're not tough on yourself.


Step 8: Every little thing counts...we may not notice it, but its all adding up slowly.....becuz the idea is to not just lose weight but to incorporate all these good things we're doing into our lifestyle so that they become a habit, and the habits become our actions, and the actions become our character....and this way we dont have to deal with being overweight ever again!


Step 9 Set small goals in excercising: eg. take the bus home every monday and friday. or sit on the chair while watching tv, rather than the couch etc.


Step 10: And one thing that helps me the most (by the way im not a determined person at all, i have to force myself to do everything and i hate excercising) what helps me the most is inspirational music. Go and buy some inspirational music and listen to that when excercising..it will lift up your spirit and give u energy to do what ur doing.


And remember, tell yourself very very often that you are loved! God doesnt love you depending on your body type....His love is completely unconditional! Would you hate your child just because he didnt look right according to the world???? If you wouldnt, how can you imagine that God would????? He loves you more than you could ever imagine....and He is with you every step of the way!


Do take care and remember, God really loves you and so should you!


- SB

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