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what does she mean????


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there is a girl who i am totally in love with, i cant stop thinking about her, but i dont think she knows.


we worked together until a few months ago and ive tried to keep the friendship going, but it seems to be all 1 way.


im always the 1 who rings and shes always the 1 who 'has to go'


i try to keep in regular contact but it seems to be all 1 way traffic.


i dont want to let this go, im looking for a easy 'friendly' thing we can do, pref in the week evenings that wont startle her but will be easy for her to come on.


im not so keen on taking her into town or parties etc as i want to spend time with her, not 'show and tell'


any advice would be great.



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I know how you feel bro.. exactly.. just one question.. how old R u two?.. if you area artoung my age.. I know exaaaaaaaaaaaatly how you feel.. and there is only one think I can tell you.. tell her how you feel .. and aske her out on a date.. if she says no... or the answer that I got the last time I asked a gir out " sorry I have a b/f" be cool about it.. I know it's tough and in your case you'll be heartbroken.. which I also know how that feels.. but atlease you knwo that you are anot wasting your time one someone which is not into you as much as youare ino them.. and truest me you desreve some one who's going to care for you you as much az you care for her..



hope this helps. ... keep me updated.

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I disagree in part with Maximus: Yes, ask her out, but no, do not tell her how you feel. As hard as it may be, and as much as it tests your patience, you need to show her through your actions that you're interested - simple as that. Right now it seems as if she's not interested

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