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my girlfriend says she needs closure on a diferent relations

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ok well my girlfriend and her best friend (also a girl) liked eachother and they didnt do anything about it and all of the sudden tonight my girl says that the only way she thinks she is going to get closure and get over her feelings for her is to make out with her friend. well first of all this alone upsets me but also it just doesent make sense. she keeps ending up making out with guys in truth or dare games and she kind of thinks its weird that i mind.


what the hell am i supposed to do i want her to have closure but if she makes out or even kisses anyone else im going to be very upset and iv told her this...but she still seems like she wants to do it.

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I guess I looked at your age and now I'm going to judge you based on that, which may or may not be fair.


She is being immature, which is basically normal at 15. Is it right? No, would that fly with me if my girlfriend did that? No.


If you just want to have fun with her then go ahead, but she doesn't sound like the faithful type. She doesn't respect you enough to consider your feelings.

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Closure??? That makes no sense. She is making that up. She doesnt need any closure, thats a stupid work to describe her feelings i'd say


She is just curious, and she has a hunch she might be lesbian probably. She is most likly wrong, and i would suggest she not make out with her best friend, it can mess up their friendship especially if one turns out to be gay, and the other isn't!!


You should be mad. She is wanting to cheat on you. I geuss your looking at this like "oh, it's a girl, that doesnt count" well, if she is making out with this girl, or playing truth or dare and making out with other guys, i'd put a stop to that, or the relationship. Where is crossing the line if she can just make out with anyone, what base does this little head game stop on? anyway


GOod luck

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o im not looking at it like girls dont count at all girls very much do count in my book. she doesent see kissing or making out for truth or dare as real and i do it hurts me just as bad if she just shoved a guy against a wall and started kissing him. i think im going to get her to agree to not kiss any guys or make out with them even for truth or dare but she wants to make out with her friend im going to tell her im not ok with it though and that it will upset me and i just dont want her to do it. she is bisexual a bit at least. and so is her friend

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Hey, it actually hurts me too, i really feel ya.


You need to tell her that immediately!!!!


She has to know, and if she really really can't understand that, and she says crap trying to make you feel like the jelealous b/f, leave her


If she like you, she'll smarten up and come back, otherwise, your not right for each other.


Go get'em tiger

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