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Am i making the right decision?

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OK im a senior and its time for me to make decisions. i either have the choice of going to this art institute thats near me, i wont be able to live on campus. I really want to go to University of Texas but my parents cant afford it let alone support me for living in austin. I'm in the top 5% of my class so im automatically admitted, and I really want to go their to use my potential. And i want to get out of my house away from my parents because they'll enforce their religion on me as long as I live under their roof (they are jehovahs witnesses btw).


I was thinking of joining the Navy once I turn 18 in may. Im gonna celebrate my birthday in may also (ive never been able to celebrate my birthday). Then once I serve my time and get my 50 grand scholarship Im going to the college I want to go to. Would this be a wise decision?

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What are your goals? They are your choice! Life is an ambition you must take on. A scholarship does not decide your future you do, so keep your smarts and stop worrying you will have the capacity to let you bridge the gap between your dreams and future. Joining the navy is a bit much though...it takes 70% brain power and only 30% muscle to get up the courage and decide a future for yourself by yourself.

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If you decide to go the engineering route, the navy or another branch of military service would actually be a very good idea. Lots of great training, hands on work and technology. But you have to decide if that is something you want to get involved in (I was in reserves and loved it, but everyone is different).


I know how you want to pursue art though too so take a look at your future career options with it. I too love art, but opted to not pursue it in university or as a job as it would take the enjoyment out and jobs are tough to get though I still do a lot for pleasure.


Do what you want to do...what draws you though in the end


Good luck!

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I wouldn't let money decide your future. Their are ways around every money problem you could think up. IM you're age too, why you in such a hurry to make up your mind? After school, im going on a trip from here (Vancouver BC) around the coast of North America (mardi gra ) and on this spring break me and my friends are goin to Europe for 2 weeks. Don't worry, and don't get your panties in a not. On average, people change their mind about their career 7 times. Whatever you do, make sure it is something you like, and if something you like includeds money, almost every profesion has a level of seniority where you have the opertunity to earn tons.


Good luck, keep your stick on the ice.

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Do not let money discourage you. There is still 9 months prior to your first semester at college, so thats enough time to start saving. Also have you applied for scholarships? This needs to be done starting now.


As for deciding where you will go, that is all up to you. Make a list of all the goals you have for yourself. Check off the ones that are more realistic and make plans on how to get those. Make the desicion based on the level of what you want and will try hard to get.


Do not base your decision on how far from your parents you will be. Right now you don't agree with them but realize they raised you and respect them for that. Have you talked to them about not wanting the same religion?


Good luck with your education. Many options and many tough decision lay ahead but I hope it works out for you.

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ok well heres the situation: my parents have high income, they're just cheap. i have the option of going to a local college but i wont be able to live on campus, id have to travel back and forth from home. they let the people in the congregation get to them, they told my parents id stop being a jehovahs witness if i live in the dorms. my friends within the church that i have had for life even treat me like im disfellowshipped when they found out my intentions. i really want to move out ASAP. i cant take it anymore. i think i could benifit from the navy just from the experience, the travel, the hands on work ill be doing. realistically art isnt gonna cut it for me, i want to major in aeronautics engineering. i will ask about scholarships to UT, but will it help me to support myself in austin? i was thinking if i joined the navy, saved the money i made, and received the benifits, i would be set and stable for college. this is definitely a big decision for me.

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