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good lookin vs. Ok lookin


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Do u guys think life is a little easier for good looking guys n gurls? Compared to okie lookin guys n gurls? Like as most would agree the first thing that initiates a relationship are looks or in few cases maybe not!!!


But dont u guys think this is unfair?? Why do ok looking people have to work harder/prove themselves?


Anything that can be done? Any suggestions? Any opinions?

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It is unfair, but I don't know that there is anything you can really do to change it. One thing that definitely makes someone more attractive is their personality. If someone is not that great looking but has an awesome personality, it definitely makes them more attractive...they grow on you and its surprising how cute they seem to be after hanging out with them for a while.

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The good looking are the ones you make you walk into things when you seem them, but honestly if I had a to approace the good looking or the Ok looking i would proably approac the ok looking. Mostly because of insecurities, but this is true for quite a bit of people. "Out of my leauge" syndrome. Also keep in mind bueaty is in the eye of the beholder.

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It's probably easier to be someone who's ok or pleasant looking than someone who is really hot because the hot person feels like they are gifted or something and then they have to live up to that, and not waste it, and maybe they initimidate other people (unintentionally) which isn't always great. People will also be jealous of them. And especially if you become a model or something then you are constantly worrying about your body and losing your looks and everything. It ends up becoming a chore.

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there are some obvious benefits to being good looking, such as people are more physically attracted to them. some of the not so much talked about cons...


there are plenty of shy good looking people around who really have a hard time handling the extra attention. a lot of the time when people stare at them, they don't do it with a smile or anything, so it doesn't seem like they're being stared at for positive reasons. extra attention isn't really as ego-boosting as it would seem


some people will associate good looks with a bad personality, and thus treat good looking people with contempt.


many people are shy around people that they find physically attractive, so it can be harder to make a social/romantic connection.


when people treat you as if you are different, it can be quite isolating. this is probably why good looking girls seem to flock together.

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I think people should stop buying into this idea of classifying people based on looks. I mean, can anybody actually define what a good looking person is? Where do you draw the line between good looking and just ok? The media throws these examples at us of what we are suppose to comsider hot or attractive, but who says we have to listen. There are plenty of girls that society claims is hot but I don't find the least bit attractive.


Everyone is beautiful in there own way. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all have different tastes, so what one person considers very attractive another could consider unattractive. There are too many variables to absolutely define anybody as really good looking or any other level of attractiveness. Also, a persons personality plays a major role on if they are attractive.

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I think some good points have been raised.

It is also harder for good looking people to actually meet people, because they feel they must go out with people who are good looking like them, and because like most people arn't good looking, they don't have many people to choose from. Also people are intimidated by them, so give up on them before they try because they think they don't have a chance, so the good looking person probably doesn't find people who will flirt with him, easily.

So basically, the better looking you are, the more in a lonely world you are, generally speaking.

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This is actually not very true, Im a former model for Quicksilver and I am on the attractive side. I get alot of attention from women but I have absolutley no luck finding the kind of girl I want. Yes, life is better on the attractive side but there are its downfalls. Alot of guys want to hang out with me so they can meet girls and they are weird fellas, its also bad because alot of girls feel intimidated and throw me into the "arrogant" side just because I look good. Ive been told Im arrogant by girls that havent ever met me and all because of how I look. And they all admit that good looking people in general make them feel insecure so they stay away from them. So really, getting what you want is in the hand of the beholder.

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Honestly, for girls, being good looking greases the wheels of life. I've gotten jobs, gotten into clubs, been given drinks, and even had my car repaired for free at different points, because the guy behind the register/door/shop thought I looked okay.


Not braggin' guys, promise ... one day I'll be shrivelled and old and well I know it.


BUT ALSO the perks have their down sides; I've also had guys try to sexually assault me several times, continually try to get in my pants and refuse to just be friends because they couldn't get past the attraction.


Most girls have probably had similar situations, but my point is that it's a trade-off, and good looks might make you more confident, but don't give you the world on a platter.

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I went out with a friend and some of his friends I hadn't met before. The girls automatically assumed I was a snob before we even talked to each other. I did nothing wrong, I was perfectly polite and nice to them. I think people who stand out, whether it's good looks, bad looks, intelligence, extremely large, extremely small or whatever, just automatically get judge by most people. Average people are so safe, but always play the victim complain that society judges against them.

It happens to me a lot. some people think I'm a snob. Others will think I'm a ditz. I don't mean to sound arrogant, but I'm a very smart person, the kind that aced senior year high school exams when I was in junior level.


And then there are girls who like you and flirt with you but when you just want to be friends, because they're interesting people, they go all cold and bitter on you.


perks: I got a free muffin with a mocachino I bought today after two of the cafe girls seemed to be competing over my attention. I wasn't even flirting. I was actually quite shy about it, and I'm not looking forward to going there again because I don't like that much attention.


I compensate by learning to appreciate a good muffin more than other people's pre judgements. (Well, actually I gave the muffin to a co-worker of mine cause I don't like fancy muffins)

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yea i jus asked because, my ex and me jus split up and she was gorgeous and i am OK lookin, so she had a much easier time making new friends(guy friends) and everythin than i am havin.


Plus they say u move on faster after a relationship if the opposite sex comes into ur life, this cud be easier for good looking people in general!!


i dono..jus a thought that came into my mind.

thanks fo the opinions thou

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It is all about personality,


i am an average looking guy, and i rather like this girl who is stunning, i really didnt think she was interested in me, but as i spend more and more time with her things seem to be going great, i kinda get the impression that my personality is winning her over, also that she is trying to sus me out, being that she has been in a bad relationship before we met.

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