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For all guys willing to learn


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Okay, Im just putting this up as a small reference. For all guys who want to learn about girls in general, how you attract them, and why you're shy around them...this link is important to you, but you must be willing to learn, no matter even if you're not shy around girls, this email site is still useful.


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Its just a site to sign up to get emails to learn....and even tries to offer you to buy a book, but don't worry about it, just read the emails, they come like every week or so, at least once or twice. They contain info that many guys need to at least have some general knowledge of b/c this guy who sends them knows what he is talking about. It's not just about sex...just about attraction. Sign up, you have nothing to lose...

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Don't bother with sites like that or books and articles that claim to make you more attractive to the opposite sex. All people need to do is be themselves and have confidence in themself. Eventually they will run accross someone who likes them for who they are. There are no special tips to making yourself more attractive. What attract someone varies from person to person. You can't just say do these things and you'll get a date. Even if you do get a date with these rules, wouldn't you feel like its only those things that got you the date, not the person you are? If you stay true to yourself you will attract someone who really likes you and the relationship stands a better chance of working out. Confidence and patience are the real skills a person needs.

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Hahaha, Shysoul, I truly believe your input there, but that's not what these are. If you actually READ half the posts in these dating forums, every guy wants to know if he should 'tell the girl he likes her' or 'how to ask her out', or 'how to find out if she likes me'...or something like that...and you KNOW I'm right. Truly, yes, be yourself, these emails aren't to change how you act around girls, they are to LEARN.


Honestly, you wanna know why Im putting this up here...its mainly for all the "nice" guys, or shy ones, because I used to be one, and that won't work...you don't have to be a jerk, you just need to learn a few things to gain confidence (like you said)....but most guys won't even take that step b/c they're scared too....you have to fail to learn, as much as it sucks...its true. I even have another site that is about the same thing, just sign up and get emails. JUST read them, it doesnt cost you anything, its just insight.


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