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What attracts women most?


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Different styles attract different kinds of women.


Some clothes I see guys wearing, I just think 'urgh' - but then some girls find that really attractive. Likewise, what I find attractive in men is really unattractive to other women.


If you want to attract bimbos, there's a certain way to dress. If you want to attract smart women, there's another way. And so on!


Sorry - I know that's not really helpful, but it's true!

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Plz help i'm desperate.


There is your problem. If you are desparate to get girls, you will never get them.


Women arent attracted to what jeans you wear. They are attracted to the man inside those jeans.


Wear what you want, not what you will think will get you girls.

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I have to agree with the majority of the people who posted, the pair of jeans you're wearing aren't going to determine whether she dates you or not. Mind you, if they're absolutely horrid, than I suppose they could have a negative effect so great that she'd cease contact altogether... As for my personal preferance though, I cannot STAND it when guys wear tight jeans. Ugh, baggy is always nice, but not TOO baggy, it isn't very sexy when half the country can fit into his pants with him.

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Women arent attracted to what jeans you wear. They are attracted to the man inside those jeans.


Thats true, yet the clothes one wears can tell a lot about them and their personality.


Like, you see a guy wearing baggy jeans, a basketball jersey and a hat upside down and backwards and you can kind of tell that he might be a little different personality to the guy wearing smart, stylish clothes and a nice haircut.


The Ladies like confidence?? Well, clothes are a huge sign of confidence.



What kind of girls are you interested in? What do they wear? What would be the male equivalent of those clothes?

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SkyFire wrote:


Women arent attracted to what jeans you wear. They are attracted to the man inside those jeans.


Yea, but you can't tell me that if u saw a guy walking around in dirty, smely old, torn jeans and a crappy shirt from the 80's, then you saw his twin whereing Levi's jeans that fit like butter and bread, and the great looking old navy sweater cleaner than anything, you wouldn't go for the nicly dressed guy.


I just don't really buy (from my experiences) that girls can say their first impression is really based on a smile! Tell me i'm way off, or admit that you look at the way a person looks before you see if he has a good smile.

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Although most women would initially be attracted to a man who is well-dressed (by well I mean appropriately), confidence and a good personality will eventually become a more of a long term liability for men rather than their wardrobe. I admit that a guy who would wear stuff that is dirty or a generation out of style would immediately cause a girl to turn away. It's just not a good thing to be dressed up in a way that would make girls, or anyone rather, to run away or laugh at you.


Fashions these days are very broad and I am sure that there is something that fits everyone to some sort of degree of decent appearance. I would also like to add that hygiene is also just as or even more important than one's attire. A guy who showers, cleans his face, brushes their teeth, etc. will definitely also be more appealing to a girl. Even though I am a guy, I doubt that women would be attracted to a guy with yellow teeth and a horrible smell around him.

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As long as you look like you take care of yourself and don't look like a homeless person, then the clothes you wear shouldn't make a difference. Hygiene matters, appearance can be a facade. The way a person dresses may not give a real indication of the prson's personality and it is the personality that matters most. Some guy who dresses up in fancy suits and looks professional may go out partying every night.


Confidence is important. It's not so much what a person wears as it's how they carry themselves. Someone who dresses causually but believes in himself and shows it will attract more attention then someone who dresses fancy but doesn't show confidence.

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Just saying "Babes" will automatically make the women turn away I would of thought.

As I have said in another thread do whatever is good for you, just make sure that you are clean and healthy for your own sake if noone elses.

being yourself will do you more favours than trying too hard for somebody else!

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