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Do guys like or dislike freckles?

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I wouldn't worry about freckles, like anything that has to do with being attractive, it all comes down to personal preference. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with freckles, and certainly for me thy aren't a deal-breaker when it concerns how attractive I find someone. I wouldn't suggest covering them up, you should take pride in how you look, don't worry about what every individual person thinks.



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when i was like five, an annoying classmate of mine said to my face that i was ugly because i had freckles. but the adults were always like saying that freckles were cute, etc. i was wondering, do guys like or dislike freckles? im trying to decide whether to cover them up with makeup or foundation.


I personally believe they're very attractive on a woman and I dated a girl that I loved dearly that had them. She was a cutie as well and the freckles really accented her look. I say be yourself, no need to cover up who you are. The person will either like you or not like you for them and better to know up front than later.



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Any guy who says that, is obviously a person with some serious low self-esteem hun. He either said to "look cool" in front of his idiot friends, or because he likes the feeling it gives him to insult others; a feeling of power because he thinks he's keeping you down. If he says something like that again, laugh. He'll probably get angry and frustrated that he can't upset you and move onto somebody else (bullies get bored easily).


And about the freckles - they are cute. You can try to cover them up, but you probably won't be very successful, as freckles are very difficult to hide completely. Who cares what that idiot thinks? You won't be stuck with him forever.


Something else that might help: when I was in high school, there was a group of guys who used to harass everyone who wasn't part of their crowd (I wasn't). It was unbelievable how mean and cruel these guys could be sometimes. But guess what. We ALL have to grow up sometime. I grew up, started modelling after high school and now am close to having a univeristy degree. Most of them are still stuck in their crappy fast-food jobs because they were dumb jocks in high school who couldn't pass tests. That's okay though, they always do a good job of bagging my groceries and keeping my fries hot. Be strong enough to stay above it all and you'll come out ahead - I promise!

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I have a couple of freckles on my nose and top of my cheeks (close to under my eyes) and I've always been told they were very "cute" so I wouldn't worry about it too much. But I can understand where you're coming from, even though they don't show unless a person is pretty close I tend to get self-conscious about them. There comes a point where you just don't want to be "cute" anymore.

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Guys (or at least the ones I have dated!) LOVE them and think they are not only cute, but sexy too..in fact they usually have freckle envy. I am a redhead so a few on my face, shoulders, elbows and knees (though always have worn lots of sunblock so they are not that bad). I used to be very self conscious of them when I was younger, but now I love them..even when they get darker in summer. They are just ME and I am told they are awesome by the guys I have been with and others too.


Don't worry about them..love them because they make you YOU. And many guys will find them beautiful on you

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As I said before, freckles do not seter me. I once used to play and flirt around with this girl who had freckles and she was the cutest thing around, she was more attractive than most of the girls with no freckles. So don't let that stuff deter ya, you are fine the way you are...you wasn't born to be in a popularity contest for losers. Everyone is different and people like that guy you described just have this serious issue accepting that.

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