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Ok, i think she likes me, not sure.


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Ok, i'm only 14, and theres a girl, i swear i like. I think she likes me back but im not sure. As far as i know she flirts with me, calls me a hamster, and made a little theme song. she keeps singing, "ham ham, da hamster man! hamady ham hamady ham! ham ham the hamster man!" and its just getting on my nerves, i think she likes me, cant be sure, but i seriously need help!!!!

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Ok bro, some things u need to find out b4 u make your move. Does she give other guys nicknames like hamster? Is she a flirty type of girl, and flirts with other guys, or does all her attention go to you. Is she normally shy? Does she ever touch you in any kind of way? ex: Punches you in the shoulder or pokes you when your flirting. Or finding any excuse to make contact with you. Does she try to hang around with you a lot? Watch her for a day or two and see if she has any other guys she shows attraction towards. If she does this type of stuff with most guys she might just be playing with you and not want to go out. If she does it with just you or a select group of people ur a part of (i.e. the guys she likes) then ask her out. From what you posted i think she probably likes you. Follow up with more info and answer sum of these questions, ill gladly follow up!

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I agree with anon1990. It looks like she is attracted to you, but you need to find out more. From experience girls usually give you affectionate nicknames to get your attention (certainly sounds like the case here), or they may be just trying to be friendly.


Different girls have different ways of showing attraction. But the universal sign of attraction (beware - this applies to aversion too!) is that she treats you differently from the way she treats the rest of the guys.


Some girls who are interested in you can appear quiet and withdrawn in front of you. That usually means that they're nervous, or that they don't want to spoil whatever impression you have of them. Others will flirt openly with you.


Bottom line is, go for it if you like her too! You'd inaction is the worst form of action. All the best!

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Ok, usually all she does is hangs out with a group of 2 other gigling girls, or plays free-tag for some reason. And im the only one with a nick-name of hamster. She named another kid gerbil, but didnt really do anything like repeating that or making a theme song. Its usually in art class she flirts me. She starts making odd conversations before school too. One day a black dog was running down the street, and the principal went after it, calling the pound i think. Well, she came directly to me, and said he wants to catch the dog so we can disect it in science. Well the only other sign i could see that shows she likes me, is in science, we had to get assigned seats, and she got it, then i got one beside her, shes like, awww man! So thats all ive seen for a while, and ive been on fall break. So if i see any more signs ill post them.

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You haven't got much to lose. It's simple. The only way to go about finding out if this girl likes you is by asking her out . If you really "swear" you like her, the consequence (rejection) should be nothing compared to the good possibilit that she feel the same. But if she does reject you, it will make you that much stronger, because you will know you can ask out girls. Like I said, at 14, it's worth taking the chance, sucking up your pride, and simply asking.

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Ask her out somewhere. It's a very different scenario when you're alone with a girl as opposed to when you're around her friends as well. People tend to act different around other people. The nickname thing might mean something, but it might not either. Some girls are just silly and friendly like that. Take your chance; you're still young. Even if you get rejected it'll still be a valuable learning experience.

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