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I had a crush on him since i was 12 I met him properly about 4 yrs ago we got on really well i was having a bad time and he got me a job and sorted me out, he was living with his partner and their child at the time after about 2 yrs it happened i dont quite know why or how I was drunk and it was after a night out. I knew it was wrong and tried NC he wasalways so persistent anyway he left his partner we lived together for a while he told me she knew all about me. Thay had booked to go on a holiday together b4 this as it was their sons first holiday I agreed, turns out they were sopposed to get married on this holiday they didnt, but after he came back we had sex then he broke up with me stright after, he blocked my calls and e-mails, heartbroken. I took him back again Then one day he came banging on my door threatening me because someone had texted his baby mother telling her about me, I thought she knew!! So that was that again. He is so persistent though and im so weak with him. So this last time he moved in with me told me the house was up for sale etc, it was fine until he started staying there when he was babysitting... anyway he has left again gone back to her i have just found out the house was never up for sale. I cant take anymore or let go I havent eaten for 3 days or slept, is this worth it if i really believe he is the one?

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I have been where you are- read some of my eariler posts. You have to break away from this liar. Once a cheat always a cheat. My ex just called me 5 mins ago from his babies mothers house. If you let him know you are finished with him and he bothers you tell him you'll call the police round and see how fast he leaves you alone - remember he lies to her too so he would be screwed if he were caught.


I know its hard but think of it this way he is her problem now. I do miss my guy for all the lovely times we shared but knowing he was never all mine makes me feel sorry for his girl because she will never really be hers either.


You need to go out and find some new mates and just keep busy. I joined a group of dog owners who meet once a week and met alot of nice guys there without having to throw myself out on the singles scene. Just find something new so you wont be depressed sayin we used to ---- because you will be doing something you never used to do so you wont have memories of him being there with you.


The worst thing you can do is let him come and go because each time hes there you cant trust him and when he goes you feel you werent worth it and that why he wont stay full time when it really has nothing to do with you its all about him and his messed up mind.


Cheer up.

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If he was the one, he wouldn't have left you more then once, he wouldn't have threatened you in the first place, and he wouldn't be using you for his own uses, such as babysitting. Dump his butt on the curve and do what he did to you such as blocking calls and e-mails, see how he likes it, only don't go back to him.

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Thanks Guys I guess I know what I gotto do its just doin it and Marketa I gotto say 10 yrs is a long time girl, if you can do it I guess I can too, Its been 4 days NC!!! the longest I havent spoke to him since he cut me off last time, so looking good!!!! and Im blaming myself at the moment for asking him to leave and at the we will get back together soon stage, but I guess thats all part of it I hope, thanx again this has really helped

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