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how do you find out if she is dating someone or not?


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this is always the biggest and now certainly the toughest thing to figure out about this girl which I have been thinking a lot lately. so here is the thing... this is the post that I had a few weeks ago link removed (((("there is a girl who I noticed looks at me and smiles when she sees me. she always notices me from far away! she is in my Biology lab. Well today I asked her question about the material in the lab and she answered.. at the end she asked what is my name.. and I asked hers after.. well I am thinking of asking her out this Friday.. I just want to make sure that she doesn't have a B/F. I dunt wanna hear this answer when I ask her out "sorry I have a B/F"!!! Do you think I am safe here or should find out that first? do you all think she is at lease interested or just being polite?



thank you all very much for reading this.

" ).. and I was suppose to ask her out by the end of the week ... and as you can all see .. I still haven't!!! ( someone please kick my ass)) this hesitation is due to the fact that I honestly don't know how to start a conversation regarding dating and all that. I think now she knows that I like her and she is doing what any girl does playing it the hard way!.. she still looks at me and smiles when I look at her .. and say hi.. that is as far as I can go plus I only see her when she is going somewhere.(in motion!!). i mean I can sit beside her in the lecture hall but I don't think I can really ask her out in the class,. when she is paying attention to the professor .. so now do you think it'll be very inappropriate for me if I just get to the point with her,,, you know just ask her out not knowing if she is dating some one or not...


any ideas or comments are more then welcome... many many thankx in advanced for reading this long post

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It's kinda difficult to tell really. The quickest way to do it would be through her friends. You don't need to be direct, just ask "Do I still stand a chance with so and so?", and they'll more or less give you the answer.


Anyway, there's no need to be scared of the "I've got a bf" answer, in the unlikely event that you get the answer, you can just follow up with laughter and "But I'm asking you, not your boyfriend out for lunch"... then tease her until you get a reply. After all, if she's throwing you signs that she likes you, something must be there right?

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thank you lucky.. the thing is I have asked 4 girls out in my life!!! so far.. and the only answer that I got was" sorry I havea Bf" so you can imagine how'd that feel... the though of her is distracting my studies so I am tryin to avoid that,,,,,christmas break isn't far from now if things workout well we can go out have fun in christmas..I am trying to finish this before that,,,,

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I had this same type of problem, except it was just with one girl. I can never read them tho, couldnt tell if she was lying to let me down or just really had one. She ended up having one...so it was cool...but honestly, Ive learned from friends on this.....if you know her well enough....ask her what she looks for in a guy.....(see) if she's describing something generally like you, thats a good hint. Um..if you dont know her that well...its a little harder, but like he said, her friends are good help...(but they will probably tell her that you asked).... I have heard almost like 'lines' that could be used to help find out w/o sounding like you're trying to pry to find out...but I cant think of them, Ill get back to you if I find them. Hope this helps

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well here is the update on my situation ..Today finally had the guts to ask her out (thank you all in helping me in this matter).. . I was expecting the same answer which I had herad so far,,," oh but I have a b/f" but I said it's ok maybe some other time then .. I really dunno what to do .. is this how girls say that they are not interested or this is just a co-insident 5 times in a row..?

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Sorry about your response there....but honestly that sucks. Umm...you could talk to a friend of hers....or if you really want to know the truth...ask her. Tell her that you don't like being lied to if that was an easy letdown....but I know it sucks. I try to give the girl the benefit of the doubt, b/c if you do know her really well and she was lying, that wouldn't look to well on her part. Otherwise, hang out...be a good friend, flirt if you're comfortable....she'll let you know if she breaks up with him if she's interested in you, hang in there an' good luck

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My best trick:


Check out who she hangs out with!


Usually (not always) girls who are taken wont hang out with tons of single guys (usually) they are more inclined to hang out with girls, or couples.


Doesnt always work, but it's good when you just have to take a geuss and hope for the best


Good luck bro!

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Oh well, sorry to hear that. Tough luck that she's taken... but be friendly towards her, don't ignore her from now on. I know it'll be awkward running into her every now and then, but at least manage a "Hi" ok?

There plenty more girls out there, surely there will be one for you! Don't be disheartened, I'm sure you'll find the right one!

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thank you ducky.. I really don't know what it is..I am not unattractive or anything.. it used to be difficult for me talking to girls but I have managed to come that. maybe I should lower my standard.. I always go for the one who is really really good looking and chances that they'd be single is little to none,,

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thank you "jgrissom"...... well I am not good give up on her just yet eventhough she gave me a no answer I am gonna act cool about it and hope foe the best.. and that's what I am wondering abouy I thought we has some sort of chemistry eventhough we don't know eachother .

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