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erasing the post-relationship mistakes

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Looking back, i realize that i wrote my ex a lot of "feel sorry for myself", i cry a lot, my life's not the same without you, I'm depressed, im sorry for my mistakes, here's what i did wrong and why i did it and basically anything you can think of to make myself seem like the weakest most pathetic guy out there. her and i still talk, and i wish i hadn't written those letters, cause i don't want to be remembered like that. i think it's normal to feel the way i did after the break up and to even write what i did, but NOT to send them to her. i want to tell her to throw away/burn those letters. any comments?

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That's a tricky situation. I think that the only way to show her that you aren't as "pathetic" as you seemed is to show her now how you want to be remembered. If you bring up those letters now would just be reminding her about them... and that's the last thing you want to do. You can't change the past. All you can do is change the way you portray yourself now.

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Don't beat yourself up a lot of us did what you did. You should not feel ashamed. It took courage to do what you did & they said what you were feeling what's wrong with that. Try to do your best to forget them & prove to yourself your better now than when you wrote. I think if you look at how your feeling you'll see that you actually are.

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We have all done "stupid" things when our hearts have been shredded. You can change the past or the "mistakes" you've made. You can only prove your strength and regain your dignity by starting today. Don't contact her. Not to say rip up those letters, I can't live with out you, I wish you never came into my life or anything what so ever. If she calls you don't say anything about the relationship. Talk about all the good things in your life. All the things your doing. And if your not doing anything start. Start having fun again. Your not pathetic, you are normal and it's OK what you did. But now be strong and keep your head up.

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