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im just feeling so bad today, i dont know why. im tired of taking exam after exam (i have one or 2 every week!!) and right now i am studying for another one that i have on wednesday. all i have to say is if it werent for thanksgiving i think id have a nervous breakdown. my boyfriend interviewed today for medical school and instead of sounding happy and excited for him, i just acted sort of distant and depressed. he was lke "ok, i can tellyou dont really care about how my interviews went, talk to you later" and now i feel terrible. i dont know why i get in these moods and it affects other people. ive been like this up and down for a few days now. i know its probably hormonal or something, hehe. im just stressed and feelin blue. sorry, just wanted to complain a little (becuase thats all i seem to be doing lately is complain)

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Well, aside from the fact that the level of stress and pressure in your life is probably at its highest right now, hormones can definitely play a role in your moods.


Every month, about 4-5 days before my period, I get very frustrated with just about everything and like to be completely alone. Of course this timeline can be different for every woman (some of my girlfriends seem to have perpetual PMS, lol).


What's kind of funny about my PMS, is that I wasn't even fully conscious of it until this year. I now know exactly which days to tell my boyfriend, "please tread lightly and don't take what I say personally". Luckily (for me), he's understanding!


In any event, I'm sure that you can just apologize to your man and let him know that you're just really stressed at the moment, that you do really care about his interview, and that you feel bad about what you said, your tone, etc. I'm sure he'll understand.

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thanks oceaneyes

its nice to hear that other people get mood swings like this. i started my period this morning, and when i get my period i get extremely fatigued (i had to leave the gym after 20 min this morning). and now im so tired that i can barely study even though i need too. i cant get in touch with my boyfriend, its stressing me out! i hate when i cant apologize. thanks for listening!

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there's no need to be sorry for expressing how u feel, after all that is what this website is for. just talk to ur boyfriend and explain that u dont mean to be in these moods and that ur stressed out coz of ur exams, im sure he will understand, i hope everything works out for you, take care.

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